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February 14, 2014     Newsletter #30

Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

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Today's Quotes
"A person really doesn't become whole, until he becomes a part of something that's bigger than himself." - Jim Valvano
"Individual commitment to a group effort. That's what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." - Vince Lombardi

Today's theme is "Adding a few plays late in the season".

We're in the second half of the season now and our opponents have seen and scouted most of our plays. So we will put in a few new plays, while holding a couple back for the post-season tournament. The plays you choose depend on your personnel... good post player, add a good post play... good shooting guard, add a play that gets him/her the ball for an open shot. There are many plays to choose from on Coach's Clipboard's "Plays" page. Here I'll present a few from our Premium Members section. If you are not already a Premium member, JOIN NOW and get access to everything at Coach's Clipboard.

"Tiger" vs M2M
We run this play from the high-post. This is a good counter against teams that deny the pass to the wing. O4 cuts up to the free-throw line and receives the pass from O1 (diagram A). O2 immediately back-cuts for a possible pass and lay-up. If O2 does not receive the pass, he/she cuts around a staggered screen created by O5 and O3. O4 could pass to O2 at the left wing for a 3-point shot.

After O2 cuts, (diagram B) O1 cuts around O4 for a possible hand-off/screen and a dribble to the hoop for a lay-up. If O1 does not receive the hand-off, just like O2, O1 cuts around the staggered screens to the left wing for a possible pass and 3-point shot. O2 rotates up to the top after O1 cuts. After O1 cuts around, O4 could keep the ball and make a dribble move to the hoop 1-on-1 against the X4 defender.

A couple additional options are possible here. O2 gets the pass from O4 and dribbles right (diagram C). When O2 receives the pass, O3 makes a "flex" cut either over or under O5 for a pass from O2. Or if O4 passes to O1, O5 posts up on the left block for a pass from O1. If O1 doesn't get the pass, he/she rotates back up top.

Basketball play diagrams - Tiger

"Kansas" Zone Play
Bill Self calls this "the best zone play ever". O1 passes to O3 and O4 flashes to the ballside elbow (diagram A). O3 passes back to O1, and O3 cuts through to the opposite low block. O1 passes to O2 (diagram B). Notice that O1 spots up on the left lane line-extended, for a good passing angle. O4 and O5 move together along the left lane line to set a "fake" double-screen for O3. O2 dribbles back up a little (for a better passing angle) and passes back to O1 as O3 cuts around the double-screen. O3 occupies the left outside low defender (the "screeners" actually let the defender get around), and O4 then screens the middle low defender. This frees up O5 for the inside pass from O1 and the layup (diagram C).

Optionally, notice that O2, after passing back to O1, moves to the corner. If the pass from O1 to O5 is not open, usually O2 will be open for a 3-point shot from the corner (diagram C).

Kansas zone playKansas zone playKansas zone play

Baseline Out-of-Bounds Play, "Izzo"
This play (vs both M2M and zone), used by Tom Izzo at Michigan State, looks for the big guy inside. Your best low post scorer is the inbounder. Start in the stack formation (diagram BOB1). O4 cuts to the weakside block and tries to seal for inside position and a pass there. O3 cuts to the ball-side corner and gets the inbounds pass. O1 moves out on top and gets the next pass from O3. O2 down-screens for the inbounder O5, and O5 cuts around that screen for the pass from O1 and the inside shot (diagram BOB2). Next, O3 down-screens for O2, who cuts hard out to the corner for the pass from O1, and the 3-point shot (diagram BOB3). Either O5 or O2 will be open for a shot. Against the 2-3 zone, O2 screens the middle low defender, as the outside low defender will usually go out with O3. On the down-screen, O3 screens the outside low defender, so that O2 is open in the corner.

MSU baseline out-of-bounds play

Sideline Play, "X-ISO"
Here's a sideline play from Coach Izzo at MSU, a great play for a strong post player. O4 and O1 start out on top as seen in diagram SOB-5. O5 is at the high-post, with O2 at the weak-side block, and O3 is the inbounder. O4 and O1 X-cut to the opposite corners. O5 down-screens for O2. O2 cuts hard up to the top to receive the inbounds pass from O3. O5 aggressively post-ups inside (diagram SOB6) and gets the "hi-lo" pass from O2 for the inside shot.

MSU sideline out-of-bounds play

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