Newsletter #158

April 10, 2019


Today's Quote:  "I make my practices real hard because if a player is a quitter, I want him to quit in practice, not in a game." – Bear Bryant / Alabama

Today's Theme... Three Advanced Finishing Moves

See the linked pages below for excellent video examples of these moves.

Inside Hand Lay-up

The inside hand lay-up can be used when you sense that a shot-blocking chasing defender is trying to block your lay-up. Use the inside hand (left hand on the right side, and right hand on the left side), and lay it in under the defender's arm.  When approaching the basket, instead of planting the inside foot (left foot for right-handed lay-up), you plant the outside right foot while extending the inside left hand forward to lay the ball off the glass.

"Pro Hop" finish

Imagine you are approaching the hoop at full speed and there is a defender already there waiting for you. Use the pro hop. Dribble at the defender, then suddenly stop and hop sideways (if the defender stays back) into the paint for the pull-up jumper.

If the defender initially moves out toward you, then instead of hopping sideways, hop straight past him/her toward the hoop for either a short jumper, or a lay-up. Very importantly, when making the hop swing the ball high across your face so the defender cannot slap it away.

Pro Hop sideways move

"Floater" ("Runner") finish

The floater is used when you dribble-drive around your defender, but there is a big, tall defender waiting inside to either block your shot or take a charge. Use the floater to launch the ball high over the defender's outstretched arms and hands. Stop short of the big defender, under control, and avoid the charge.

Like most things in basketball, you have to practice this a lot to get good at it. You have to develop touch for the shot, as you could be shooting this anywhere from the mid-lane area to just inside the free-throw line... so the distance may vary. And the height of arc may vary depending upon the height and reach of the defender. It is a low percentage shot for someone who has not practiced it a lot.

There are two ways to execute the floater, either the one-footed or the two-footed floater. And you can shoot it either right or left-handed.

For the one-footed floater, use the same footwork as a standard simple lay-up. If you are shooting with your right hand, plant and jump off the left foot. Go high into the air as vertical as possible to stop your forward momentum. Release the ball with a soft touch in a high arc over the defender.

See these pages for video clips and more info:

Lay-ups - Finishing at the Hoop

Pro Advanced Guard Moves for Finishing Around the Basket


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