Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #69
September 1, 2015
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quotes:

"Discipline is the greatest form of love you can show someone. Great players crave discipline." - Tom Izzo

"Players play, tough players win." - Tom Izzo

"We want men here, not just players.  Players are a dime a dozen." - Tom Izzo

From Michigan State Head Coach Tom Izzo...

Tom Izzo has already compiled an illustrious career as Head Coach at Michigan State University, and will certainly enter the Hall of Fame one day.  His teams are noted for toughness, competitiveness, great rebounding and defense, and work ethic. Coach Izzo's 2000 MSU team were NCAA Champions, and the 2009 team was runner-up. His teams have been involved in seven Final Fours and have won seven Big Ten Championships under his tenure.  Coach Izzo is a 4-time National "Coach of the Year".  Here are a few pages from Coach's Clipboard that feature some of Coach Izzo's ideas.

MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo

Featured Articles:

Michigan State Sets - Plays
This page includes a number of half-court set plays (man-to-man and zone) using a 1-4 set, a box set and several Iso plays.  Also included are several baseline and sideline out-of-bounds plays... read more.

Rebounding "War" Drill
This drill stresses boxing out and rebounding, and running the fast break off the rebound, and has been a favorite at Michigan State.  There are variations of this drill, and this article describes one way to run it.  You can make your own adaptations... read more. 

Michigan State Progressive Transition Drill
Coach Izzo's teams also like to get out and run whenever possible, getting easy fast-break baskets.  This drill has been used by Coach Izzo.  It is good full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and defense, conditioning, and passing and catching on the move... read more.

Michigan State "Fist-Down" Zone Play
This zone play has been used by Coach Izzo at Michigan State, and comes from his "Multi-Threat Scoring Offense" DVD.  Coach Izzo has used this play successfully against the 2-3 zones of both Syracuse and Florida.  He describes it as a strange play that works well against both the 2-3 and the 3-2 zone defenses, but not so well against the 1-3-1 zone... read more.

Tom Izzo's Basketball DVDs
Many great instructional DVDs from Coach Izzo... read more.

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Till next time...
Best wishes,
Dr. Jim Gels, aka "Coach Gels"
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