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Hey Coach - are you looking for an organized library of helpful basketball information? Here it is! Coach's Clipboard is a long-standing (2001) trusted basketball coach's encyclopedia that will help you become a better coach or player... used worldwide by college, high school, youth coaches and players.

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"Coach's Clipboard is the oldest and most informational basketball website in the world. I use it daily." - Ganon Baker (more comments)
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Horns Offense

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Tips for Short Post Players - High Post/Short Corners

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Video: Ganon Baker - Pass Fakes
Video: Ganon Baker's Special Passing Wall Drills
Article: Man-to-Man Pressure Defense (Part 3) - defending screens
Article: Man-to-Man Pressure Defense (Part 2) - defending the low post, cutters, and special situations
Article: Man-to-Man Pressure Defense (Part 1, revised) - force sideline, on-ball, deny, helpside, help and recover, dribble-penetration
Article: Late Game Strategies for Winning Close Games

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Today's Quote: "In order to win, you must first eliminate the things that go into losing." - Bob Knight

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