Newsletter #195

September 16, 2020


Today's Quotes:   

Parent's perspective:  "Everybody knows how to boil water and coach basketball."

Coach's perspective:   "The ideal team to coach has 12 excellent athletes... all orphans."

Today's Theme... How to Use Your Post Player in the 4-Out Offense

How you use your post player in the 4-out motion offense depends somewhat on the post player. If he/she is most comfortable inside playing back to the basket, keep him inside near the blocks (see 4-Out "Low" Plays). If he/she is not a scorer, use him/her as a screener. Otherwise, give him freedom to move from low to high post and vice-versa, get the ball to him and let him score (see 4-Out "High" Plays).

Here are several strategies that are demonstrated in coach Ken French's (University of Rio Grande Head Coach) video below.

Post Player Inside and Seals on Ball-Reversal - When the ball is passed to a wing, and O5 is on the weakside block, the X5 defender usually slides toward the mid-lane in helpside.  As the ball is reversed, O5 steps into X5, seals and gets the pass from the wing and scores.  Simple.

Back-screen to Ball-screen - When the ball is on the top, lane-line extended, and then passed to the wing,  O5 makes two screens - a back-screen for the passer, followed by a ball-screen for the wing.  O5 has to communicate and call out these screens.  On the back-screen, the passer cuts through to the opposite corner.  Then O5 ball-screens for the wing and they run the pick and roll.

High Post Player vs Aggressive Perimeter Defense - If the defense is playing very aggressively on the perimeter, denying, trapping, etc put your post player O5 at the high post (free throw line). This gives your perimeter players another pass receiver when they are under pressure. It also opens things up underneath for baseline dribble-drives and back-cuts.

If the wing dribble-drives, the X5 defender will usually drop inside to stop the ball.  A pass to O5 at the elbow often yields an open shot.

Or on a perimeter pass to O5 at the high post, the ballside wing can backcut for the pass from O5 and a lay-up... a good way to counter aggressive perimeter defense.  Or O5 can dribble-attack X5 since there is no helpside and it's a 1-on-1 situation.

For diagrams and details, see How to Use Your Post Player in the 4-Out Offense

Ken French's video:

Ken French video


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