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Basketball Training Aids

P.R.O. Bands (Progressive Resistance Overload)

Progressive Resistance Overload bands

O-Bands (Overload Bands) are the "New Age" training aid for developing progressive and functional basketball players. Just like with our wrist weight training product, as a trainer you always want to train a player in a: (1) functional setting; and (2) provide an overload resistance in challenging your players current mechanics and power. O-Bands add a new dimension and intensity to your basketball training, instantly transforming ball-handlers to learn proper dribbling positions, while developing increased muscle units to fire during your attack moves to the basket. Also, O-Bands are great for flexibility training, defensive slides or lateral movements, speed training, vertical jump training, as well as resistance additions to weight training exercises.

Medium Bands - Elementary to High School (Sophomore)
Large Bands - High School (Junior) to Professional Level
XL Bands - Large High School, College to Professional Athletes

Medium Band - 41" Length x 1 1/4" width (30-50lbs. resistance)
Large Band - 41" Length x 1 3/4" width (65-85 lbs. resistance)
X Large Band - 41" Length x 3" width (100-150 lbs. resistance

Lockdown Defender Bands

Lockdown Defender Bands

Do you want to be that LockDown defender that every player on the other team hopes you don’t guard them? Do you want to be a constant source of pressure and discomfort for the other team?

Then you need to start training with the LockDown Defender Band to improve your lateral quickness and strength. Using the LDDB will make you quicker on defense allowing you to dominate slower offensive players. Force turnovers, pick pockets, and wreak havoc on the court defensively.

- Start training with the LockDown Defender Band to improve your lateral quickness and strength
- The LockDown Defender Bands can be worn on the ankles or the thighs.
- Includes 10 to 50 lbs of resistance
- You can wear the bands while doing weight training exercises for that extra resistance

Toughness Training Pad

Toughness Training Pad

The HoopsKing Toughness Training Pad is a light weight pad worn on the forearm that allows coaches, trainers, and players to easily add contact to drills. Unlike big, blocky pads, the Toughness Pad is light enough to run up and down the court with. Use the pad in the following ways and more:

- Finishing Moves - contact at the rim
- Dribbling - body up and get into dribblers and bump them.
- Shooting - easily remove the pad from your forearm and hold it up to make shooters work on shooting over longer and taller defenders.
- Rebounding - use the pad in rebounding drills to force the rebounder to be strong with the ball and land on balance.
- and More! - any drill you want to add contact to this is the pefect pad to use. Gives you all the contact of big bulky pads but smaller and lighter.

Defender Extender

Defender Extender

- Practicing against someone so big and long would make your normal level easy.
- The Defender Extender sticks allow a coach, trainer, or partner to simulate a much taller player than you would normally play against
- Dribbling – Have a partner use the Defender Extender sticks while you bring the ball down the floor
- The Defender Extender sticks are perfect for any age. Just adjust your hands on the sticks to change your wingspan. They are made of very soft material and it does not hurt to get hit with them so they are also good for contact drills.

Here are some great uses of the Defender Extender sticks:
- Dribbling – Have a partner use the Defender Extender sticks while you bring the ball down the floor. Your defender quickly has the wingspan and reach of an NBA guard. You will really learn to protect the basketball and utilize changing speeds to overcome the increased reach and quickness of the defender.
- Offense Moves – Whether in the post or driving to the basket, playing against a taller, longer, and more athletic player will require you to outsmart them to beat them. Once you become inferior athletically, you must become superior mentally if you are going to compete at that level.
- The Defender Extender sticks are perfect for any age. Just adjust your hands on the sticks to change your wingspan. They are made of very soft material and it does not hurt to get hit with them so they are also good for contact drills.

In driving to the basket, the Defender Extender sticks are useful in many ways:
- Reaching into knock the ball away
- Contesting the shot and the dribble.
- Driving at shoulder to hip level.
- Finishing over taller players
- Providing Contact
- Closeout

Wrap Strap - Shooting J-Strap

Wrap Strap - Shooting J-Strap

The J-Strap is one of the rare aids where you become a more consistent shooter the second you put it on. The J-Strap attaches to your non-dominant arm/thumb and prevents it from being involved in your shot, or where you have rotation of wrist/thumb. The product is designed to keep your thumb and wrist "Quiet" on your shot, or keeping them from internally rotating on your shot.

The J-Strap is made of a comfortable Neoprene material, yet lined with strong piping to prevent it from stretching too much. It provides just enough resistance to keep your off-arm in the proper position during shot set up and on your release. Also, by the way it crosses your elbow joint, it puts your elbow bend in the perfect position on how you are suppose to grip the basketball on your set up.

For the beginner, it forces the player to shoot with a proper one-arm shot, thus eliminating the two-handed shot. For the intermediate to advanced players, it eliminates force by the thumb, thus focusing more accuracy on your dominant arm release, and less play from your off-hand. Do not let your off-hand control your shot. It is time you start to DOMINATE YOUR SHOT!

M.V.P. Jump Trainer

M.V.P. Jump Trainer
The M.V.P. Jump Trainer increases both vertical and horizontal leaping ability. Increase lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training workouts.

  • M.V.P Vertical Jump Trainer with quick attach resistance bands, ankle straps, and adjustable waist belt
  • Helps athletes develop key muscles in the lower body for vertical leap ability
  • Resistance bands quickly attach and release to ankle straps and belt rings
  • Durable bands offer resistance of up to 40 pounds

Shoot More Rebounding system

Shoot More Rebounding System
Coaches, players, parents... don't spend $5000 on a rebounding system when you can get a great easy to use system for just $500. Use it in the gym or in your driveway.

  • Increases Reps up to 300%
  • Improves Shooting Arc
  • Returns Made and Missed Shots
  • Develops Muscle Memory
  • Shoot from anywhere Baseline to Baseline
  • Portable... easy to setup and take down

Grab & Control Rebounding System

Grab & Control Rebounding System
Basketball players jump, grab the ball and pull it in while opponents attempt to to steal it away. This product teaches you to firmly grab the ball, improving ball handling skills during competition .The Basketball Grab & Control System is also an excellent tool for football, volleyball and soccer, improving the athletes ability to jump higher and decreasing reaction time. Simple to use, just deflate basketball, insert into the durable nylon strap, inflate the ball and attach the super stretch latex cord to the goalpost or backboard. Comes complete with super stretch latex cord, all necessary hardware and instructions.

Smart Basketball Training

Smart Basketball Training
Smart Basketball Training is an excellent online basketball training program from Championship Productions, for players wanting to progress to the next level... with some of the best trainers in the world (Billy Donovan, Ganon Baker, Austin McBeth, Micah Lancaster, Lyndsey Fennelly, Mike Porcopio, and Rob McClannaghan).

Vertiskills Jump Program

Quickly add 12 inches to your vert! Vertiskills is a 12 weeks jump program that includes the periodization of 3-phases with intense focuses on Strength, Power and Explosiveness! Also includes VertiSkillsEbookCurriculum, progress charts and power calculations, and the full HD video series. The entire VertiSkills program is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone where Wifi or 4G/3G is available.

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