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The Coach's Clipboard is all about basketball information and ideas, and the Premium Members section is a veritable basketball coach's encyclopedia containing the complete article of every Coach's Clipboard page, plus additional articles and content. I am confident that you will find this to be a very helpful program as coaches worldwide having been using it for years, with annual renewal commonplace.

New content (plays, drills, articles, etc) is added to the Premium Members section first. Other enhancements include more re-sizeable animated diagrams, video clips, pdf files (for nice print-outs), and mobile-ready for smartphones and tablets. Download the included Deluxe Playbook to your laptop for easy access when you are away from an Internet connection.

A testimonial and drills from Ganon Baker!
Coach's Clipboard... "the oldest and most informational basketball website in the world. I use it daily..." - Ganon Baker
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Here is a partial list of Premium Members content (each with the complete article and animation) that you won't find on the general (free) web-site:

Bob Hurley: Motion Offense
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
Dribble-Drive Zone Offense
Kansas Zone Offense
Kansas Zone Plays
Read and React Offense and animation
3-Out Read and React Offense
Read and React Zone Offense
Triangle Offense
(more)... Hi-Lo Triangle Offense
Pete Carril's Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense Set Plays
West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense
Michigan State's Sets/Plays
Hubie Brown's Hawk Offense
Wisconsin Swing Offense
2-3 Man Offense
UCLA High-Post Offense
Stanford Motion-Zone Offense
T-Game Triple-Post Offense
Complete Flex Offense with High Flex Offense and 5-Out Flex Offense
Complete 4-Out Motion Offense and Plays
Complete 3-2 Motion Offense and Plays
Grinnell Offensive System
Horns (A-Set) Offense
2-3 High Patterned Offense
CMU Wheel Offense
Dick Bennett's Blocker Mover Offense
Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense
Run and Jump Press Defense
Rick Torbett's Dynamic Defense
Point-Zone Defense
Amoeba Defense
Buzz - Twilight Zone Defense
Circle Defense
Man-to-Man Pressure Defense
1-3-1 Trapping Zone Defense
Matchup Press Defense and Drills
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Drills
Memphis Drills
Raider 1-4 Offense
Zone Offenses
Anchors Zone Offenses
Attacking Junk Defenses (Triangle and 2, Box and 1, etc)
Attacking the Triangle-and-2
Many more Baseline Out-of-Bounds plays
Many more Sideline Out-of-Bounds plays
Complete 3-2 Motion Offense
90-Series (Offense)
50-Series (Offense)
Individual Shooting Work-out
Spread Delay Offense
High Pick and Roll Set
Partner Drills
... and many more!

Customer Reviews/Testimonials


Instant Worldwide Access... no waiting for the mail. (more)... Create your online membership account and password, complete payment online, and you have instant access... anywhere in the world. We have many international members from all over the world! Get access right NOW... no waiting, nothing to ship, no shipping charges.

Free Deluxe Playbook Download... a $35 value - FREE!   (more)... Download the content right to your computer.  Having the Deluxe download on your hard drive comes in handy when you are away from online access.

Comprehensive Playbook Index... "content is king" and nowhere else will you get so much content.  (more)... The Coach's Clipboard is the long-standing trusted Internet basketball coaching resource (since 2001) and is all about basketball information and ideas... a basketball coach's encyclopedia. Over 1000 pages of plays, offenses, defenses, drills, coaching and player tips, etc. with new content being added on a regular basis. To see the tables of contents, click these links: Playbook Contents, Animations Contents, Video Contents.

Animated Diagrams... many more animations of plays, offenses, defenses are available to show player movement and timing. Click here for a sample.

Video... many video clips of coaching tips and player fundamentals are included. See a screen-shot.

Mobile-Ready... with "responsive web design" for smartphone and tablet users. Take the Coach's Clipboard with you in the gym, on the bus, in the locker-room... anywhere!

PDF files... every article has an associated pdf file that you can use for nice clean print-outs. See a sample pdf file.

Youth Basketball section... (more)... a special section geared toward youth coaches and players. Here we have simplified things for youth teams, as a fair amount of content in the Premium Members section is too advanced or complicated for youth teams. I have selected simple plays, and simple offenses and defenses that are more amenable to youth teams. Premium Members also have access to the Youth Membership section.

Deals, Discounts... (more)... Premium Members get discounts on Coach's Clipboard USBs and downloads. The Deluxe Playbook Download ($35 value) is free! Reduced pricing on the "Advanced Ball-Handing/Dribbling" DVD.

No automatic renewals... (more)... your account will not automatically renew when it expires... it's your option. We will email you two weeks before your account expires... then you decide whether you want to renew at the discounted annual rate of $29.95.

Team memberships available... discounted for teams or groups.   (more)... Multiple group members can login from different computers/devices, with each coach/player having his/her own password... see the special rates below.

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