Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #78
January 15, 2016
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quotes:

"The image of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, to the point of exhaustion - when no one else is watching."

"Big shots are only little shots who keep shooting." - Christopher Morley

Today's Theme - Transition Drills

Good transition-type, full-court drills are great for conditioning, improving passing and catching on the move, executing the fast-break, getting back and defending the fast-break, and decision-making.  Make the drills competitive with losers doing pushups or running.  Before going to the drills, first see these pages:

Transition Fast-Break Offense

Transition Defense


Featured Drills:

4-On-4-On-4 Full-Court Transition Drill
Players like this competitive, full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and defense as well as conditioning.  You need a minimum of twelve players, as we will have three 4-man teams.   Quickness, passing and catching on the move, speed dribbling, decision making, defending the break, scoring and getting stops... it's all there.

2-on-1 Continuous Transition Drill
Another competitive drill with the squad divided into two teams, and losers run.  It emphasizes transition offense and defense, conditioning, passing and catching on the move, 2-on-1 offense and 1-on-2 defense.

Michigan State Progressive Transition Drill
Used by Tom Izzo at Michigan State, this is another competitive, full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and defense, conditioning, and passing and catching on the move.  It starts out like the 2-on-1 drill but progresses up to 5-on-5.

Full-Court 5-on-0 Drills
This full-court transition drill teaches and re-inforces our secondary "numbered" break offense. There are five options, so each team of five makes five trips up and down the court executing each of the five options.  We also use this drill when going over, reviewing our half-court plays, starting from transition.

Misc Full-Court Transition Offense Drills
This page contains several good transition drills including Fred Hoiberg's Speed drill, the Piston drill, Pitch and Fire drills, and Coach Sars' Rebound-Outlet-Break drill and his Pepper-Runner drill.

Memphis Drills

The "Memphis" drills have been popular and include the Blood-33 drill, Knick drill, UCLA drill, and Fresno-11 and Fresno-22 drills.

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