Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #107
April 1, 2017
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quotes:

"Nothing will work unless you do." - John Wooden

"Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." - John Wooden

Today's Theme - Some of Our Favorite Drills

There are numerous drills on the Coach's Clipboard website, but here are some of our favorites for high school level teams.  Most of our favorite drills are competitive and game-like. Youth teams will want to incorporate a lot more ball-handling and dribbling drills. 

4-on-4-on-4 Transition

This is a good full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and defense as well as conditioning, and the players like it.  Requires 12 players.

2-on-1 Transition

This is another good full-court drill that emphasizes transition offense and defense, conditioning, passing and catching on the move, 2-on-1 offense and 1-on-2 defense.

Shell Drills, Half-Court Live Drills
No better way to drill your half-court man-to-man defense.  This page describes several drill options - e.g. 4-on-4, 5-on-5, etc.

Team Shooting Drills

This pages presents a number of shooting drills (mix it up to avoid boredom).  Our favorites are "12-sets", "3-2-1 shooting", and "45 shooting".

Full-Court Dribbling Moves Drills

This drill has each player going through all the dribble moves on the move, with finishing at the hoop, and is a good conditioning drill.

5-on-0, 5 Trips Drill

This full-court transition drill teaches and re-inforces our secondary numbered break offense. There are five options, so each team of five makes five trips up and down the court executing each of the five options.  We also use an option of this drill when calling and working on set half-court plays.

Post and Guard Breakdown Drills
We will take about 15 minutes with post players at one end and guards at the other, working on individual skill drills.
Post Player Drills

Guard Breakdown Drills
This page lists a number of guard shooting drills.  In addition, we will work on 1-on-1 moves from triple-threat position.

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