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Instructions for use of this web-site

Viewing an Article.

Use the menu at the left to view the Playbook articles, or you can use the index on the "Playbook Index" page. If you find there is overlapping of text and graphics... in your browser's top menu "View" --> "Text Size". Make sure the text size is set to medium.

Menu Problems, or Page Doesn't Look Right.

If you don't see a menu to the left, it's probably because your browser is not "Java enabled". Enable Java on your computer. Since this web-site uses javascript, pages will not look right if your computer does not have javascript enabled.

Printing an Article

You can get a good, clean printed copy by just clicking the browser's "Print" button, or using the menu's "File"-->"Print". Advertisements will not be printed.

Although not available for general web-site users, Premium Members, Deluxe CD owners and download buyers can use the pdf files included with their product for very nice, clean printed copies.

Is it possible to print the entire Playbook at once, rather than page by page?
Yes! MS Internet Explorer has this feature built-in. Go to the main Playbook index page that lists (links) all of the articles, etc in the playbook. Then select from your Internet Explorer top menu, "File" and then "Print". In this print dialog, click the "Options" tab at the top, and then check "Print all linked documents", and click the "Print" button at the bottom. Have lots of paper and ink on hand! If you only want to print certain segments (Half-Court Offense, Half-Court Defenses, etc), then click on one of those "key" category pages seen at the top of the "index" page, and use the same instructions above.

See this page's Flash animation!

Viewing Animated Diagrams

Many of the articles contained in this web-site have an associated animated diagram (especially the various plays, offenses, defenses, etc). These animated diagrams help demonstrate the play and the important timing of the play. If there is an animation for that page, the "View Animation" button (see above right) will appear in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click this button to load the animation.

Or you can click on "Animations" in the menu above. The "Animations" page contains a listing (menu) of all of the web-site's animations. Using the animations menu allows you to move quickly from one animation to another without loading each article first.

When loading an animation (it pops up in a separate window), if all you see is a blank window with no animation, it's probably because the Adobe Flash Player is not installed on your computer (all of the animations and video clips are in Flash format). You can download Flash Player for free.

Premium Members and Deluxe CD owners can access the animations now without needing the Adobe Flash player. The program will auto-detect whether or not you have the Flash player, and if not, will load our new html5 format animations, which are also compatible with the iPad and iPhone, and other devices that do not use Flash.

The animatons on the web-site are not expandable to full-screen size, but are expandable to full-screen in the Premium Members section, the Deluxe CD and the "Playbook & Animations" download.

Viewing Plays, Diagrams

Offensive players are O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, and are circles.
Defensive players are X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and are triangles.

In the diagrams, player cuts are solid lines, whereas passes are dotted lines. A screen is a line with a perpendicular "bar". Dribbling is indicated by a wavy or "squiggly" line.

how to interpret the playbook diagrams

Video Clips

There is an extensive library of video clips demonstrating ball-handling, one and two-ball dribbling drills and dribble moves. Player fundamentals, guard play and post play clips are included. You can click on "Video Clips" in the menu above. Our clips are now larger and comes in several html5 video formats which should facilitate compatibility with nearly all browsers and devices. There are also a number of YouTube video clips scattered thoughout the website.

Languages, Translation

The web-site is now viewable in multiple languages, thanks to Google's translator. Click on any of the languages in the footer below to translate. The article text and text links will translate, but unfortunately the menus, animations, and video clips will not. A good way to use this function is follow the translated links on the Playbook Index page, or any text links that link from page to page.

Problems, Suggestions

If you are still having problems, or if you have a suggestion, please e-mail . Please make sure that your own email server will accept a return email from me, and that your email storage space is not full. In either case, I will not be able to get back to you, and this is frustrating for both of us! I will usually respond to your email within a day or two (unless I'm on vacation)... so if you don't hear back from me right away, check to make sure your email server will accept my email (your spam blocker may not allow me).

Copyright Notice

All of the contents of the Coach's Clipboard web-site, including the articles, animated diagrams and video clips, pdf files, MS Word documents, the Deluxe CD, the Players CD, downloads, etc are protected by US copyright. You may not use any of this information on your own website without permission.

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