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How to use this basketball playbook

Coaches... the Coach's Clipboard Basketball Playbook contains many articles, plays, drills, offenses and defenses (both full-court and half-court). Frankly, there is too much material here for any one team to incorporate. So what should you use with your team? What is your coaching philosophy? Are you coaching high school, or youth basketball?

Your team will need a half-court man-to-man offense, a zone offense, several plays, a few OB plays, and a press-breaker. Defensively, you must decide what your half-court defense is going to be (man-to-man or zone) and whether or not you want to use a press defense, either full-court or half-court.

Organizing practices, using drills, teaching fundamentals, coaching game-strategies are all vitally important things too. Start with the "Key Pages" and use the basketball playbook below to help select your offenses, defenses, plays, etc and to help organize this volume of material for you. The complete contents are located below.

Players... concentrate on the articles under "Player Development". Read the articles on "Mental Aspects". Learn to handle the ball... see the video clips of dribbling drills (one and two-ball drills), dribble-moves, post-moves, as well as other fundamentals, on the Video Clips page.

It might be tempting to make things too complicated with too much "stuff", too many plays, too many "junk defenses", etc. Develop a system that is effective, yet simple, that satisfies your coaching philosophy and the physical and athletic make-up of your team.

Teach fundamentals... good players with sound basketball fundamentals will do more for winning games than a lot of "razzle-dazzle" coaching strategies. A good coach is a good teacher who can prepare and ready his/her team to compete. Good court-side strategy comes with experience and can help you win a few close ones.

Basketball Playbook - Key Category Pages

   Selecting Your Half-Court Offense(s)

   Selecting Your Half-Court Defense(s)

   Selecting Your Press Defense(s)

   Selecting a Press Offense, Secondary Breaks

   Selecting Plays - Quick Hitters, Out-of-Bounds Plays

   Selecting and Using Drills

   Teaching Fundamentals - Player Tips and Instruction

   Coaching Guidelines, Topics, Tips


   Coaching Guidelines

   Your Coaching Philosophy

   Building a Basketball Program

   Teaching Methods

   Teaching by Progression

   How To Use "Check Downs" To Teach Half Court Offense

   Spacing and Movement - Moving Without the Ball

   Teaching Basketball by the Millennial Method

   The Assistant Coach

   Planning Practices

   Creating a Master Practice Plan

   Game Situation Skills and Drills

   Pre-Game Preparation

   Coaching, Game Strategy

   Why Games Are Lost

   Reducing Turnovers

   Defensive Intensity - Charting Deflections

   Basketball Late-Season Tune-Up - Preparing for March Madness!

   Preseason Checklist: Preparing for the Season

   Off-Season Coaching

   Off-Season Basketball Workouts

   Struggling Through a Losing Season

   Basketball Coaching Do's and Don'ts

   Tips on Entering the Coaching Profession

   Team Building Strategies

   Importance of Communication

   Anatomy of a Championship Season

   Psychology and Athletic Performance

   Coaching Youth Basketball

   Parent - Coach Relationships

   Pre-Season Tryouts

   8th Grade Basketball Tryouts

   Playing AAU or Club Basketball

   Running a Basketball Clinic

Half-Court Defense

   Selecting Your Defense(s)

   Man-to-Man Pressure Defense

   Pack Line Defense

   Bob Kloppenburg's SOS Pressure Defense:

   Notes on Rick Torbett's Dynamic Defense

   Zone Defense

   2-3 (2-1-2) Zone Defense

   Coach Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense

   Circle Defense

   Buzz - Twilight Zone Defense

   1-3-1 Zone Defense

   3-2 (1-2-2) Zone Defense

   Zone Rebounding

   Amoeba Defense

   SWARM Defense

   Point-Zone Defense

   Match-up Zone Defense

   1-3-1 Match-up Zone Defense

   1-2-2 Viking Half-Court Press

   2-2-1 Half-Court Press

   "Junk" Defenses

   Triangle Defense

   Last Second Defense

   Defending the Pick and Roll

   Defending Without Fouling

Full-Court Defense

   Selecting a Press Defense(s)

   Transition Defense

   Match-up Press Defenses

   Run-and-Jump Press Defense

   Trapping with a Trailer Defender

   Pressure Defense, and "41-Deny"

   SOS Full-Court Pressure Defense

   2-2-1 Zone Press

   3-1-1 Zone Press

   1-1-2-1 Zone Press

   1-2-1-1 (Diamond) Zone Press

   Coach Sar's 1-2-2 Zone Presses

Offensive Strategy

   Selecting Your Offense(s)

   Fundamental Precepts of Offensive Basketball

   Motion Offense Principles (B)

   Bob Hurley:Motion Offense (B)

   3-2 Motion Offense (M)

   4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense (B)

   Notes on the Dribble-Drive Motion Offense (M)

   Dribble-Drive Motion Offense - More! (M)

   Read and React Offense (B)

   3-Out Read and React Offense (B)

   Triangle Offense (M)

   High Low Triangle Offense (B)

   Pete Carril's Princeton Offense (M)

   Princeton Offense (B)

   Princeton Offense Plays (M)

   Pick and Roll Offense (M)

   Fred Hoiberg's Early Offense (M)

   John Wooden's UCLA Offense (M)

   Wisconsin Swing Offense (B)

   West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense

   Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense (M)

   Hawk Offense (M)

   Horns Offense - A-Set Offense (B)

   2-3 High Patterned Offense (M)

   2-3 Offense (M)

   Blocker Mover Offense (M)

   T-Game Triple-Post Offense (B)

   Grinnell Offense (B)

   2-1-2 High-Post Offense (M)

   1-3-1 Offense (B)

   Open Post Double-Up Offense (B)

   Open Post (5-Out) Motion Offense (B)

   Shuffle Offense (M)

   Youth Swing Offense (B)

   Thunder Offense (M)

   Flex Offense (B) (M)

   4-Corners Delay Offense (B)

   Spread Delay Offense (B)

Zone Offense

   Basics of Zone Offense (Z)

   Screening the Zone (Z)

   Anchors Zone Offense (Z)

   Dribble-Drive Zone Offense (Z)

   Attacking the 2-3 (or 2-1-2) Zone (Z)

   Simple, Easy 2-3 Zone Attack (Z)

   2-3 Zone Offense Plays (Z)

   Stanford Motion-Zone Offense (Z)

   T-Game Triple-Post Offense (B)

   Attacking the 3-2 Zone (Z)

   Attacking the 1-2-2 Zone (Z)

   Attacking the 1-3-1 Zone Defense (Z)

   4-Out Zone Offense and Zone Plays (Z)

   5-Out Zone Offense (Z)

   Attacking "Junk" Defenses (Z)

   Attacking the Box-and-1 Defense (Z)

   Attacking the Triangle-and-2 Defense (Z)

Transition Offense

   Selecting Your Press Offense(s)

   Transition Offense

   Concepts for Playing Fast

   Secondary Fast Break

   Coach Sar's Secondary Break

   Secondary Numbered Break

   3-Up Secondary Break

   80-60-40 Press Breakers

   Simple Press Breaker

   Flood Press Breaker

   Beating the Full Court Press

   Attacking the Full-Court Man-to-Man Press

   Attacking the 1-2-1-1 Press

   Four Across Press Breaker

   3-Up Press Breaker

   2-2-1 Press Breaker

   Half-Court Press Breakers

Offensive Plays

Also see 3-2 and 4-1 motion plays above

   Selecting a Few Plays

   90 Series (M)

   Big Series (M)

   1 Series (plays for your point guard) (B)

   2 Series (plays for your shooting guard) (B)

   50 Series (M)

   Simple 3-2 Motion Plays (youth teams) (M)

   3-2 Motion Plays (advanced) (M)

   4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense "High" Plays (M)

   4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense "Low" Plays (M)

   Michigan State Sets/Plays (B)

   Michigan State Tom Izzo's "Fist-Down" Zone Play (Z)

   Gap Attack Zone Play (Z)

   Heat (M)

   America's Play (M)

   High Pick and Roll Set (M)

   Redhawk (M)

   Loyola (M)

   Michigan (M)

   Miami (B)

   Ohio (M)

   Buckeye (M)

   Demon (M)

   Blazer (M)

   West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense

   1-4 Offense (45, 41, G-town, Hoyas, 43, 93-Low) (M)

   1-4 Low Set (Pinball, Double-Cross, Scissors, Spurs)(M)

   3-On-3 Plays

   Opening Tip-Off Play

Out-of-Bounds Plays

   Sideline Plays

   OB Plays vs the 2-3 Zone

   "Box" Plays

   "Stack" Plays

   "4-Low" Plays

   More Pretty Good OB Plays

   Full-Court Buzzer Beaters

   Half-Court Buzzer Beaters

   Last Second Situations

Player Development

   Teaching Fundamentals

   Video Clip Library

   Footwork Fundamentals

   Offensive Tips

   Cutting and Faking

   Ball Handling


   The Art of Passing

   The Lay-up

   Learning How to Shoot

   Coach Wissel's Shooting Series

   The Jump Shot

   The Hook Shot

   Outside Perimeter Moves

   Pro Guard Moves for Finishing Around the Basket

   Playing the Point Guard Position

   Inside, Post Moves

   Free Throw Shooting

   Setting Screens

   Spacing and Movement - Moving Without the Ball

   Escaping from a Trap

   Transition Offense

   Practicing in the Off Season

   Playing AAU or Club Basketball

   Individual Shooting Work-Out

   Defensive Tips

   Basic Defense

   Transition Defense

   Rebounding Tips

Mental Aspects

   How to make the team...

   Things to think about...

   Attitude, the "Right Stuff"

   The exceptional player...

   Mental Prep Playbook

   Guide for Serious Basketball Players

   Keys to Becoming a Great Player

   Things Good Basketball Players Do

   Basketball Tips: Being a Team Leader

   The "role" player...

  folder icon Play Big: Believe in Greatness!

   The Student Athlete

   Psychology and Athletic Performance

   The Basketball IntelliGym


   Selecting, Using Drills

   Partner Drills

Defensive Drills

   1 on 1 Drills


   Shell Drill, Half-Court Live Drills

   M2M Defense Breakdown Drills

   Breakdown Drills for Teaching the 2-3 Zone Defense

   1 on 1 Defensive Drills from Coach Costa

   Man-to-Man Positioning Drill

   Deny, Corner Trap Drill

   Take the Charge Drill

   Match-up Press Drills


   3-on-3 Defensive Drill

Offensive Drills

   Learning the Jump Stop

   Footwork Drills

   Screens, Pick Drills

   Motion Offense Drills

   Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Drills

   John Calipari's "One More" Passing/Shooting Drill

   Drive and Kick Drill

   2-3 Zone Offense Drills

   Transition Offense Drills

   Full-Court Transition Offense Drills

   1-on-1 and 2-on-1 Drills

   2-on-1 Continuous Transition Drill

   Michigan State Progressive Transition Drill

   Memphis Transition Drills

   Fast-Break Drills

   5-on-0 Full-Court Drills

   3-on-2, 3-on-3 Transition Drill

   4-on-4 Transition

   4-on-4-on-4 Transition

   5-on-4 Transition Scramble Drill

   Rebound-Outlet-Break Drill

   11-Man (and 7-Man) Drills

   Post Player Breakdown Drills

   50 Points Full-Court Drills

   Special Situation Drills

Dribbling Drills

   List of Stationary Circle Drills

   Stationary 1-Ball Dribbling Drills

   2-Ball Dribbling Drills

   Sideline Dribbling Drills

   Tight Chairs Dribbling Drills

   Full-Court Dribbling Moves Drill

   Dribble Tag Drills

   Video Clip Library

Passing Drills

   Fast-Break Passing Drills

   Full-Court Weave Passing Drills

   More Full-Court Passing Drills

   Basic Half-Court Passing Drills

   Press Break Passing Drill

Shooting Drills

   Team Shooting Drills

   Guard Breakdown Shooting Drills

   2 Man Shooting Drills

   Lay-up Drills

   Free Throw Shooting Drills

   Individual Shooting Work-Out

Rebounding, Loose Ball Drills

   Rebounding Box-Out Drills

   2 Man Drill

   War Drill

   Hustle Drills

Alan Stein's Strengthening & Conditioning Drills

   Alan Stein's Drills

   Warm-Up Drills

   Strengthening Drills

   Agility, Quickness & Reaction Drills

   Conditioning Drills

   Core Strengthening Drills

   Pre-Season Drills

   Drills for Ankles and Knees

   Stretching and Mobility Drills

Ganon Baker's Drills

   Ganon Baker's Basketball Drills

   Ganon Baker Interview

Tim Springer's Drills

   Guard Workouts

   Spartan Guard Skills Workout

   Spartan Skills Drills

   Shooting Guard Workout

   Forward Scoring Workout

   Post Player Workout

   Spartan Gun Shooting Drills

   Team 3-Point Shooting Drills

   15 Point Per Game Workout

   College Point-Guard Workout

   Lebron James Scoring Workout

   Tony Parker Scoring Series

   Kevin Durant Scoring Workout

   Derrick Rose Scoring Workout

   Tim Duncan Scoring Series

   Manu Ginobili Scoring Series

   George Hill Scoring Series

   Defensive Rotations into Transition Drills

   Basketball Performance Training Drills

   Becky Hammon Floppy to Pick and Roll Drill

   Kyrie Irving Scoring Workout

Other Stuff

   Video Clip Library

   Animations Library

   Coaching Youth Basketball

   Coach's Clipboard Newsletter Archive


   How to Condition for Basketball

   Vertical Jump Claims

   I-Jump Vertical Jump App for iPad and iPhone

   Managing Player Fatigue

   Basketball Strength Training

   Athletic Development

   When Individual Instruction Goes Too Far

   Why Doesn't Johnny Practice Any More?

   Small Basketball Players

   Dealing with Lack of Playing Time

   What To Eat

   The Recovery Snack

   Supplements (HCG, Creatine, Andro)

   Coach's Guide for a Drug Free Basketball Team

   Simple, Fun Driveway Games

   Point Guard College articles

   Meet Coach Keith Haske

   Information about College Basketball Scholarships

   Quotes - Motivational and Humorous

   Basketball History

   Basketball's First Wizard

   Professor Blood & the Wonder Teams

   Basketball Terminology

   Basketball Book Reviews

   Coaching Forms

   Court Diagrams

   Court Dimensions


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Help, Instructions, Misc

   Website Help and Instructions

   Deluxe CD Instructions

   Player's CD Instructions

   Playbook & Animations Download Instructions

   Playbook Download Instructions


   The Basketball IntelliGym

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   Legal Notices

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