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Here are some more pretty good baseline out-of-bounds plays.
Wheel, Wheel & Back, 3-Down, Down & Back, Pinball, 3-Across, Gator, Hokie, and Cross.

Also see out-of-bounds Box Plays, Stack Plays, 4-Low Plays, and Zone Plays.

Out-of-Bounds Play"Wheel"

O1 curls all the way around the stack first looking for the pass and lay-up, and clears to the opposite short corner if no pass occurs. O2 delays slightly after O1, and curls around the stack also, cutting to the ball-side short corner, looking for the pass and shot. After the O1 and O2 cut, O4 slides around O5 into the paint, and O5 then moves out to the point. If the pass goes to the point (O5), O3 should slip into the opposite low post for the quick pass back from O5.

Out-of-Bounds Play"Wheel and Back"

After running "Wheel" a couple times, run this play. O1 cuts as usual. O2 fakes the curl-cut, and then makes a quick back-cut to the hoop, looking for the pass and lay-up.

Out-of-bounds basketball play - Wheel

Out-of-Bounds Play "3-Down"

This baseline OB play uses a 3-low set (see diagrams). O4 sets a back-screen for O1. If the defense fails to switch the backscreen, O1 gets the pass for the lay-up. If the defense switches the screen, O4 seals the smaller X1 defender and rolls to the hoop for the pass and lay-up. O2 cuts to the corner and could shoot the 3-pointer. O3 moves out on top as our safety.

Out-of-Bounds Play "Down & Back"

After running "3-Down" successfully a couple times, then run "Down & Back". This time, O4 again takes a few steps up the paint and looks like he/she is going to set the back-screen. Instead, O4 makes a quick cut back to the ball for the pass and lay-up.
Out-of-bounds basketball play, 3-Down

Out-of-Bounds Play"Pinball"

Contributed by: Coach Ken Sartini (aka "Coach Sar"), Arlington Hts, IL.
This plays starts out as a "screen the screener" play, which you can run against both man-to-man and zone defenses.

Vs Man-to-Man Defense

Diagram A. O1 splits out to the ball-side wing. O2 fakes and cuts over O4's screen near the ball-side elbow, and goes to the ball-side corner. Meanwhile O5 screens for O4 (diagram B). O4 cuts around the screen looking for the pass and lay-up. O5 seals the screened defender and rolls to the hoop, looking for the pass and lay-up.
Out-of-bounds basketball play, Pinball

If neither O4 or O5 is open, the pass goes into the corner to O2 (Diagram C). O2 passes out to O1. Meanwhile, O3 steps inbounds and screens for O2. O4 and O5 also set staggered screens for O2. O2 cuts along the baseline to the opposite corner, looking for the pass from O1. O2 can shoot the outside shot, or pass to O4 posting up on the low block.

Zone Option

If the defense is in a zone, you can run it a little differently. Set up the play and run it exactly the same as in Diagrams A and B above. Now refer to Diagram D below. Assuming O4 and O5 are not open for the inbounds pass, O3 passes to O2 in the corner. O3 then cuts hard to the weak-side and screens the backside of the zone, which should be overloaded on the ball-side. O2 passes to O1 and cuts along the baseline, getting screens from O4 and O5 and cuts outside of O3, looking for the pass from O1 and the shot.

Another option is seen in Diagram E. Again the inbounds pass goes to O2 and O3 cuts to the opposite wing, receives the pass from O1, and passes into O4 posting up on the low block.

Still another option is seen in Diagram F. This time O2, after passing out to O1, down-screens for O3, who cuts to the corner for the pass back from O1 and the 3-point shot. O2 cuts to the weak-side as seen previously in Diagram E.

Out-of-bounds basketball play, Pinball zone option

Out-of-Bounds Play, "3–Across"

Three players stack across the free-throw line... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play, "Gator"

This play is called "Gator" because of a "gate" analogy... we are going to "close the gate" on the X2 defender (this is also called an "elevator screen")... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play, "Hokie"

I saw the VA Tech Hokies run a play somewhat similar to this... it resulted in a dunk! This play basically is a two-man game featuring your best perimeter player and shooter and a strong inside post player... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play, "Cross"

This play can create some confusion for the defense with the criss-crossing cutting action and then the back-screen... (more)

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