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Basketball Shooting - Shooting with a Quick Release - by Dr. Hal Wissel

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Using the Jump Stop

Most shots in a game are open shots. When open, the jump stop enables you to catch and shoot in one motion, thereby fostering a quicker release than the step and shoot, which is a two motion shot. It is also easier to adjust to bad passes. When using the jump stop, make certain your body is facing the basket with your hands and feet ready. Your hands are above your shoulders and your knees slightly flexed before you receive the pass. Jump behind the ball and catch the ball with your body and shooting hand facing the front of the rim. Your knees should lower just before the catch and extend upward on the catch in a quick rhythmical down-and-up motion. On bad passes, jump behind the ball, rather than reaching for the ball. Rhythm and range come from the down and up motion of your legs, rather than lowering the ball or stepping into the shot.

Down and Up Motion

Keeping the ball high fosters a quick release and also provides less chance for error. Stepping into your shot may help your range, but your shot becomes a two-count shot. Using the down-and-up method allows you to shoot in one motion or one count. When shooting off the catch the down comes just before the catch and the shot goes up as your legs go up providing for a quicker release.

Using the One-Two Stop

Use the one-two stop when closely guarded and the pass is made away from the defender to your outside hand. Land on your inside foot and pivot into your defender and then use a jab step keeping the ball high in a triple threat position.

Edited from: Wissel, Hal. (2005). Basketball Shooting: Confidence, Rhythm and Mechanics. Basketball World, Suffield, CT.
Wissel, Hal. (2005). Basketball Shooting: Off the Pass, Off the Dribble and In the Post. Basketball World, Suffield, CT. Available at: http://www.basketballworld.com
Available at: www.basketballworld.com

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