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Basketball Tips - Individual Shooting Work-Out

By James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook, @

This is an individual shooting work-out that you do on your own. Make sure you are using good shooting form, getting your feet set, good balance, no drifting sideways, etc. Shoot game-style jump-shots, not flat-footed shots that you will never actually get in a game.

Spin the ball back to yourself and rebound all shots. With every miss, rebound and keep shooting until you put it in the basket. We start with 15 shooting spots.

Basketball shooting work-out

Basketball shooting work-out

Keep a record of your shooting each day. You should gradually see improvement in your shooting percentage (percentage = number of shots made divided by number of shots your actually took). If you are not seeing improvement over a few weeks, have your shooting coach check your shooting form.

Swish Basketball Shooting Video

The Swish Video/DVD and the new "Swish-2" DVD, by shooting coach Tom Nordland. This is an excellent shooting DVD for players and is a great teaching tool for coaches wanting to learn how to correctly teach shooting form.
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Helpful DVDs:

Steve Alford - The Shot: Shooting Drills & Techniques

Steve Alford - The Shot: Shooting Drills & Techniques
with Steve Alford, University of New Mexico Head Coach; former University of Iowa Head Basketball Coach, and former NCAA All-American, NBA guard, and Olympian.
Coach Alford covers every aspect of shooting in this video. Building your Shot begins at the free throw line with the catch and pivot, proper alignment and a shooter's attitude. Coach Alford then demonstrates simple techniques to expand your free throw into jump shots and shooting off the dribble. Learn how to correct "a flying elbow" and a poor pivot. Focus on correct alignment with Coach Alford's four-point checklist and develop the proper attitude to become a successful shooter. Finally, these principles are put to work in various shooting drills... (more info)

Price: $39.99
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Ganon Baker: 20 Shooting Drills for the Lost Art of the Jump Shot

Ganon Baker: 20 Shooting Drills for the Lost Art of the Jump Shot
with Ganon Baker, Nike Basketball Training Specialist, Ambidextrous Shooting Coach, World Renowned Instructor and Clinician.

Ganon Baker, owner of Shake N' Bake Basketball Services, works out more than 3,000 kids a year. He also teams with Nike as a Skill Development Trainer to work with the nation's best high school boys and girls basketball players. In this amazing DVD, Baker reveals his phenomenal individual shooting workout, including detailed instruction on shooting technique. Learn to master three critical areas of shooting technique: Footwork, catching the ball and the release. Once you have the stroke down, try out Baker's rigorous shooting drills. More than 20 advanced shooting drills in all. All of these drills focus on maintaining effective form and shooting technique... (more info)

Price: $39.99
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Ganon Baker's Superman Workout for all Players

Ganon Baker's "Superman" Workout for all Players
with Ganon Baker, Nike Basketball Training Specialist.

In this extraordinary video, basketball skills guru Ganon Baker shares his own "Superman" Workout - a series of intense, skill-building drills designed to develop and refine basketball players of all skill levels. Baker starts out with 22 stationary ball-handling drills, moves on to 20 more shooting and scoring drills and finishes off with 14 basketball-specific conditioning drills. The drills in this workout are personally used by Ganon and have been proven effective. In this video, you will see Baker going through all 56 of the different drills in his "Superman" Workout... (more info)

Price: $39.99
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