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Basketball Drill - "Tight Chairs" Dribbling Drill

By James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook, @

This drill will improve dribbling and dribble moves with many repetitions in a short period of time. Inform players that they can also do this drill at home in their basement or driveway.


Set up six chairs or cones as indicated in the diagram. We usually start with the left hand, so we face the row of chairs on the right with their seats facing the endline, while the seats of the left row of chairs face the half-court line. This is so the dribbler can hit the seat of the chair with his off hand as he/she makes a dribble move.

Tight chairs dribbling drill

The Drill:

Each player has a ball and will dribble between the chairs, making a prescribed dribble-move at each chair. We do the same move at each of the six chairs and will do one or two "laps" through the chairs for each dribble move (depending on how much time we want to spend on the drill). Some of the dribble moves (see Dribbling) that we use are:

Cross-over dribble (show video)...

In-and-out move (show video)...

Hesitation (rocker) step move (show video)...

Behind the back move (show video)...

Between the legs move (show video)...

We start with the left hand. After doing all the moves left-handed, we turn the chairs around, start from the opposite side and do all the same moves with the right hand.


We want the drill up-tempo, at "game-speed". Stress that your players "attack" the chair and keep their eyes forward.

This drill will help develop your player's dribble moves and ball-handling. We have all players, including post players, do this drill. You may be surprised at the improvement that you will see over the course of the season if you frequent this drill for 5-10 minutes.

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