Newsletter #256

January 4, 2023


Today's Quote:   "The image of a champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat,to the point of exhaustion--when no one else is watching."

Today's Theme... Two Baseline Out-of-Bounds Plays

Here are two simple baseline OB plays - "Clear" vs man-to-man defense and "Splitter" vs 2-3 zone defense.

"MSU Clear"

This is a simple man-to-man play from coach Tom Izzo.  Get the ball into your scorer, clear out the right side and let him/her attack.  O1 lob passes to O4, as O5 clears to the left side.  O4 shoots or attacks the rim.  This is good when there are only a few seconds left in the period (or shot clock).  Another option is a kickout pass to O3 and 3-pointer if the X3 defender drops inside.

MSU Clear


Notice that the defense is aligned in a 2-3 zone (diagram A).  O3 is the inbounder.  O5 lines up above the blocks, between the X4 and X5 defenders.  O4 stacks outside the X1 defender.  O1 and O2 form a mini-stack above the X1 defender.

OB Splitter

When O3 yells "go", O5 seals the inside defender.  O2 (your best shooter) cuts around O4's screen to the ball-side corner.  O2 could get the pass here and the three-point shot.  If the X4 defender to moves out to defend O2, O4 slides down the lane into the gap for the pass and shot (diagram B).  You should have a 2-on-1 situation with the X4 defender.  Either O2 or O4 should be open.


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