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Basketball Plays - "Stack" Baseline Out-of-bounds Plays

By Dr. James Gels, From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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Here are some plays that use the "stack" or line setup.

Also see these out-of-bounds plays:

baseline out-of-bounds

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack 1"

It's amazing how often I see this very simple play result in an easy lay-up for the 3rd player in the stack! The first two players in the stack are good outside shooters and split right and left. Usually the defenders will follow them. In the confusion, the 3rd player in the stack slips into the space vacated by the first two, and surprisingly often, will be open for a simple lay-up. The 4th player in the stack drops back for safety outlet. If the pass goes to the corner or to the point, O5 should slip into the low post for a quick pass back (see red arrows).

Stack Out-of-bounds plays Stack Out-of-bounds plays - Stack-3

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack 3"

Here is another very simple stack play. O1, O2 and O4 set a triple screen as O3 cuts out to the short corner for the shot. O5 breaks to the weakside looking for the rebound. As soon as O4 sees the shot go up, he/she slides out on top as a safety.

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack-2" or "Double Stack"

Set-up this play with a double stack. Have your two post players position themselves on the low blocks. Have your two best outside shooting guards stack on each side right behind the post players (see diagram A).

Out-of-bounds play, Double stack Out-of-bounds play, Double stack Out-of-bounds play, Double stack

The post player nearest the ball (O4) cross-screens for the opposite post player (O5), who cuts across the lane for the pass and power lay-up (Diagram B). O4 seals the X5 defender to establish inside position. If the defense switches the screen, then O4 should be open for the pass and lay-up (diagram C).

O1 and O2 make V-cuts toward the paint, and then cut to the corners for the possible pass and three-point shot. If O2 does not receive the pass, he/she cuts out on top as our safety. If O2 gets the pass, then O1 moves out on top.

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack-6"

See the diagram below. Start the stack, or line, set on the lane line opposite the ball. O5 cuts to the ballside block. O2 cuts to the ballside corner. O4 cuts to the ballside elbow. If any are open, make the pass and shot. O1 cuts out and then cuts hard around O4 into the lane for the pass and lay-up.

Out-of-bounds play, stack-6

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack 4"

Here is another stack play... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack 5"

This stack play results in shot for the inbounder O5... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play "Stack-Opposite"

We start with the stack on the lane line opposite the ball... (more)

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