Basketball Plays - "Box" Baseline Out-Of-Bounds Plays

By Dr. James Gels, From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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Use the familiar box formation to run these plays.

Also see these out-of-bounds plays:

baseline out-of-bounds

Out of Bounds Play "Box 1"

O4 sets a pick for O5 so that O5 can cut to the opposite block. O4 seals the screened defender, and rolls to the hoop for the pass and lay-up. O2 could pass to O5, or if the defense switches the screen, O4 should be open. O1 cuts around O3’s down-screen and moves out to the top. After screening, O3 cuts to the weak-side corner. If nothing is open inside, look to either O1 or O3 for a three-pointer.

Out-of-bounds play, Box 1 Out-of-bounds play, Box 1

Out of Bounds Play "Box-2"

This play is set up for a 3-pointer from the corner, but there are other options too. Have your best 3-point shooter (O2) make the inbounds pass and use the box setup seen in Diagram A.

Diagram A. O3 back-screens for O5 who tries to get inside position for the pass on the opposite low block. O4 fakes in, then cuts toward the corner and gets the inbounds pass. O1 cuts out to the top ball-side area.

out-of-bounds play, Box-2 out-of-bounds play, Box-2 out-of-bounds play, Box-2

Diagram B. O4 passes to O1, and then down-screens for O2. O2 cuts hard around the screen to the ball-side corner, gets the pass from O1, and can shoot the corner 3-point shot (Diagram C). If the outside defender slides out on O2, O2 could pass to O4 posting up. O5 is in good position for the back-side rebound.

To run "Box-2" against the 2-3 zone, O4 down-screens the outside low zone defender.

Out-of-Bounds Play "Box-3"

This is a simple cross-screen play with the ball-side post screening opposite, and the ball-side elbow screening opposite. In the diagrams below, O4 screens for O5 who cuts around the screen and could get the inbounds pass. O4 seals the defender for inside position and often is the person open for the pass and lay-up. O1 screens for O2 and O2 cuts to the wing and could get the pass and the 3-point shot. After screening, O1 pops out on top.

out-of-bounds play, Box-3 out-of-bounds play, Box-3

Out-of-Bounds Play "Box-54"

Here's a simple but effective out-of-bounds play designed to get a lay-up for one of your post players. A box formation is used and note that O5 and O4 (your two post players) are opposite each other. You could also call it "45" to confuse the opponent, but it's the same play.

See the diagrams below. O5 back-screens for O4. The inbounds pass goes into the ball-side corner to O2 (and at this point looks a little like "Box-2" above). O4 cuts around O5's screen for the possible pass and lay-up. If the defense switches the screen and the X5 defender goes with O4, O4 clears out to the opposite block. Then O5, after sealing the screened defender, rolls to the ball-side block for the pass and lay-up.

Out-of-bounds play, Box 54 Out-of-bounds play, Box 54 Out-of-bounds play, Box 54

Other options include a three-point shot from O2, or from O1 on the wing.

Out-of-Bounds Play "Box Wide"

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Out-of-Bounds Play "Box Wide-2"

This play has a number of really good options. We set-up like "Box-Wide" above... (more)

Out-of-Bounds Play "Box Around"

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