Newsletter #184

April 15, 2020


Today's Quote:   "Don't count the days; make the days count." - Muhammad Ali

Today's Theme... How to Become a Better Player During the Coronavirus Pandemic

For now, team play, even 1-on-1 play has to be avoided.  Here are many good individual drills that players can do on their own.  Create a weekly schedule, selecting some drills that you do every day, and some that you rotate 2-3 times/week. Work on your weaknesses!

Ball-handling drills

One-ball and two-ball stationary dribbling drills

Chair dribbling drills

Rapid Fire Wall Passing

Footwork drills

Shooting form and individual shooting workout

Finishing drills around the hoop - layups, reverses, inside hand, pro-hop, floater, Euro step

Post moves/skills - drop step, jump hook, up and under, turn and face, dribble-drop, step out, high post.

Guard moves/skills - triple threat, jab step moves, shot fake moves, split step, etc.

Defense - Lane Slides/Z-drill, Close-Outs

Conditioning - go outdoors and do some distance running and some short sprints.

Strengthening/Agility workouts


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Use a special defense to shutdown a star player.
Teach your team how to break a press.


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