Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #61
May 1, 2015
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

First, I apologize that these emails have been getting too long!  I'll try a new format, with brief descriptions and links to several articles, and if interested, you can then click those links for the complete article.

Today's Quote:

"On perfection - A good garden may have some weeds." - John Wooden

Featured Articles:

Screening Zone Defenses
One of the most effective ways of attacking zones is by setting screens.  Quick perimeter passing, over-shifting and overloading the zone, dribble-penetrating the gaps, beating the zone up the floor, etc. are all important key elements of any good zone attack too.

But screening the zone and sealing (pinning) zone defenders are also great ways to get the ball inside.  You don't want to just settle for outside jump-shots.  Get the ball inside for high percentage shots, force your opponent's "bigs" to play defense (exposing them to foul trouble), and get to the free-throw line... read more.

Anchors Zone Offense
Coach Lance Randall's Anchors zone offense takes advantage of screening zones.  Coach Randall believes that a lot of zone offenses use wasted energy, wasted cuts and action, as cutters often do not get the pass, or get it in an uncomfortable place between defenders.

You must use different passing angles and also distort the zone, and not just rely on ball-reversal.  Stretch the defenders to the limits or their coverage zones, which, in addition to stretching the zone coverage, creates confusion between the defenders as to who is actually covering the ball.

Coach Randall introduces the concept of "anchors" where defenders are "anchored", or boxed-out away from the middle.  These block-outs will open inside passing and dribbling lanes... read more.

Basketball Shooting Series by Dr. Hal Wissel
Submitted by Hal Wissel, this is a series of 10 articles devoted to shooting, and how to teach and correct shooting.  Dr. Hal Wissel is well known for his ability to develop players.  Hal founded Basketball World, with its SHOOT IT BETTER Mini Camps.  Coach Wissel has a wealth of NBA experience as an Assistant Coach with the Atlanta Hawks, Memphis Grizzlies and New Jersey Nets... read more.

2-Man Shooting Drills
Here are several partner shooting drills.  With all of these drills, make sure your shooters are using good shooting technique, and receiving the ball in triple threat position.  Make sure passes are sharp and accurate... these are also passing drills for the non-shooting partner.  Players should sprint to their shooting spots (game speed)... no loafing!  Keep score... make the drills competitive... read more.

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Till next time...
Best wishes,
Dr. Jim Gels, aka "Coach Gels"
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