Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #86
May 15, 2016
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quote:

"POST PLAY: 1. Play low - 2. Play wide - 3. Hands up - 4. Feet active."

"We want men here, not just players. Players are a dime a dozen." - Tom Izzo

Today's Theme - Developing Your Post Players

The off-season is a great time to develop your post players.  Here are several pages and drills that should help.

Post Play and Moves
This article details general post play and post moves with tips on playing the low post and high post positions.

Post Player Breakdown Drills
This article presents a number of post-player breakdown drills and video clips to help post-players develop their footwork, post moves and skills.

Tim Springer's Post Player Workout
This article presents a post player workout with coach Tim Springer featuring individual post player basketball drills.

Forward Scoring Workout

This article presents coach Tim Springer's forward scoring workout.

Tim Duncan Scoring Series
This article features Tim Duncan's workout drills, with coach Tim Springer.

Rebounding Mentality and Fundamentals
This article discusses defensive and offensive rebounding, team rebounding, rebounding free-throws, and zone rebounding, with video clips.

3-Man Rebounding, PowerUp Drill
This "tough man" drill stresses boxing out and rebounding, as well as low post offensive power moves.

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