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Basketball Player Development Series with Tim Springer - Forward Scoring Workout

From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
"Helping coaches coach better..."

Tim Springer is an elite basketball trainer/coach in the San Antonio area (see bio below). Coach Springer presents this workout that will help develop your forwards.

Standard Mikan Drill

Contested Mikan Drill

Diagram A. Player does traditional Mikan drill but the coach contests every shot. This forces player to hold off coach and finish at the basket. Set goal of amount of makes under certain amount of time.

Quick Ups

Diagram B. Player rotates around the basket shooting jump-shots 3 feet away. Coach has 2 balls to speed up amount of shots taken. When the player is rotating to left he/she uses the left hand to shoot and vice versa going right. Goal is to make certain under time or consecutive amount of makes.

basketball forwardshooting drill - Contested Mikan Drill basketball forwardshooting drill - Quick Ups

Mid Range Consequence Shooting

Diagram C. Player alternates between elbow and short corner shooting catch and shoot jump-shots.

Diagram D. If player misses at any time they must sprint and touch the opposite sideline. They then continue the drill on that side of the court. Set a goal for makes and/or put the player under time.

basketball forwardshooting drill - Mid Range Consequence Shooting basketball forwardshooting drill - Mid Range Consequence Shooting

High Post Quick Reads

Diagram E. O4 flashes to nail while Coach tosses out ball. Player squares up to basket and attacks with multiple moves.

basketball forwardshooting drill - High Post Quick Reads

  • shot fake and go
  • jab and go
  • rocker move and go
  • catch and shoot

Coach can also add different finishing moves on the attack.

Pick and Roll Into Pin Down

Diagram F. Forward sets pick and roll and dives. Forward then pins the chair (#) and gets fed for a post move.
Drill: Run the pick and roll into a dive and pin on the chair. Receive the post feed for a score. Make 20 on each side of the rim.

basketball forwardshooting drill - Pick and Roll Into Pin Down

Corner Attacks

Diagram G. Player cuts towards the baseline and sprints to the chair. Player takes the ball off the chair and attacks.
Attack Moves:

  • Rip Baseline
  • Fake Baseline and Attack Middle
  • Shot Fake and Attack either baseline or middle
  • One Dribble Jumpshot either baseline or middle

basketball forwardshooting drill - Corner Attacks

Trailer Series

Diagram H. Player starts at half court and sprints to the 3-point line and catches the pass for different attacks out of the trailer position.
  • catch and shoot
  • one dribble jump shot to either elbow
  • hesitate at elbow-layup

Make 25 of each.

basketball forwardshooting drill - Trailer Series

Training Coach Tim Springer

Coach Tim Springer is the founder of Spartan Basketball in the San Antonio area. Coach Springer has trained over 500 players and coaches in the San Antonio Basketball Community.

His program features:
  • Premier Basketball Camps (San Antonio and surrounding areas)
  • High Intensity Skills Clinics
  • Private Lessons for Basketball Players of All Ages (San Antonio and surrounding areas)
  • Training for Club and School Season Tryouts
  • San Antonio Coaches Clinics
  • Clinics at the AT & T Center - same court as the San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Silver Stars play on!
  • Spartan Character Classes - teaching goal setting, planning workouts, and overall character development