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Derrick Rose Scoring Workout by Tim Springer

From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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Tim Springer is an elite basketball trainer/coach in the San Antonio area (see bio below). Coach Springer presents these scoring drills used by NBA All-Star, Rookie of the Year, and MVP Derrick Rose.

Derrick Rose

Isolation - Lane Line Runners

Diagram A. Defenses collapse quickly on Derrick's drive because of his ability to score in the paint. Because of this he has become great at using runners along the lane line.
Drill: Player attacks cones with any of Derrick Rose's moves and finishes with runner along lane line. Make 30 on both sides of basket.

basketball guard drill - Isolation - Lane Line Runners

Isolation - Angles of Attack

Diagram B. D Rose likes to attack in the tunnel and from the elbow angle. Once he has the isolation he will use multiple moves to go by defender.

  • In and Out to Crossover
  • Hesitation to one dribble step back
  • Hesitation to in and out to drive
  • Walk ball through the legs to hesitation to drive
  • Between the legs to hesitation to crossover to drive

basketball guard drill - Isolation - Angles of Attack

Isolation - Changing Area of Attacks

Diagram C. Rose might start at one elbow but then dribble to the other elbow to start his isolation attack. He uses the same moves as above from the isolation attacks.

basketball guard drill - Isolation - Changing Area of Attacks

Shooting - Skip Pass Shooting

Diagram D. Rose will get the ball a lot from skip passes. He then looks to shoot the 3 or rip into a one dribble jump shot.
Drill: Coach sends skip pass across court. Player must make (12) 3's and 12 rip and go jump shots on both sides of the court.

basketball guard drill - Shooting - Skip Pass Shooting

Shooting - High Post Pitch

Diagram E. Derrick Rose passes to high post and relocates for a catch and shoot or one dribble jump shot.
Drill: Player passes to coach and moves through process of the pitch. Make 15 catch and shoots and 15 one dribble jump shots on both sides of the court.

basketball guard drill - Shooting - High Post Pitch

Pick and Roll - Sideline Inbound

Diagram F. The sideline inbound starts with a down-screen to get Derrick Rose open. After the catch, Rose goes right into a pick and roll.
Drill: Flash to catch starting at block. Go right into pick and roll. Make 20 jump shots at the nail on both sides of the court.

basketball guard drill - Pick and Roll - Sideline Inbound

Pick and Roll - Turndown Screens

Diagram G. Because of his speed, defenders have to sometimes commit before it happens. This happens a lot while running pick and roll. Because of this Rose has become great at setting up defenders on the screen and then turning it down.

basketball guard drill - Pick and Roll - Turndown Screens

  • One dribble to screen to spin move to attack
  • Crossover to hesitation to crossover back into attack
  • Cross step to spin back to go

Drill: Use the different set up moves and shoot 20 jump shots on each side.

Training Coach Tim Springer

Coach Tim Springer is the founder of Spartan Basketball in the San Antonio area. Coach Springer has trained over 500 players and coaches in the San Antonio Basketball Community.

His program features:
  • Premier Basketball Camps (San Antonio and surrounding areas)
  • High Intensity Skills Clinics
  • Private Lessons for Basketball Players of All Ages (San Antonio and surrounding areas)
  • Training for Club and School Season Tryouts
  • San Antonio Coaches Clinics
  • Clinics at the AT & T Center - same court as the San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Silver Stars play on!
  • Spartan Character Classes - teaching goal setting, planning workouts, and overall character development