Newsletter #268

June 21, 2023


Today's Quote:   "I don't mind starting the season with a bunch of unknowns. I just don't want to finish the season with a bunch of them."

Today's Theme... Developing Your Guards

In the off-season, players need to get better.  Here are several pages and drills on how to develop your guards.  We'll discuss point guards in another email.

All perimeter players must be able to handle the ball, pass well and make good decisions, shoot the outside shot and pull-up jumper, and dribble-penetrate and finish.

Guard Moves and Skills - important fundamentals that every outside player should learn... triple threat, pivoting, 1-on-1 jab step moves and attacking with the dribble, the "split step", getting open, etc.

Finishing at the Hoop

  1. Lay-ups - Finishing at the Hoop  - standard, reverse and inside hand lay-ups, pro-hop finish, and floaters.
  2. Advanced Inside Finishing Moves - Rondo Fake Finish, Euro Step Finish, Pro Hop Finish, Jamal Crawford Finish, Kobe Bryant Pound Pivot Finish, and Steve Nash Back Leg Finish.

Learning How to Shoot - shooting fundamentals.

Guard Breakdown Shooting Drills - good variety of shooting drills for perimeter players.

Motion Offense Drills - breaking down guard play, important actions, reading the defense, etc.

Dribbling and Dribble Moves - all players must be able to handle the ball and make basic dribble moves.

Several Guard Workouts from Trainer Tim Springer:

  1. Guard Skills Workout
  2. Shooting Guard Workout
  3. Kyrie Irving Scoring Workout
  4. Derrick Rose Scoring Workout


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