Coach's Clipboard Newsletter #66
July 15, 2015
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Dear Coaches, Players, Friends,

Today's Quote:

"I hate it.  It looks like a stickup at 7-Eleven.  Five guys standing there with their hands in the air." ~ Norm Sloan, on zone defense

Featured Articles:  Attacking Zones

Basics of Zone Offense
Zone defenses can create special problems for the offense, and you must have a zone offense or two.  We have used two basic zone offenses, "zone-1" for attacking the 2-3 zone, and "zone-2" (or "Runner") for attacking the 1-2-2 and 1-3-1 zones.  We have also used the "Runner" offense successfully against the 2-3 zone.  This article discusses principles of zone offenses, how to attack zones, and gives links to a number of specific zone offenses... read more.

Attacking the 2-3 Zone Defense
The 2-3 zone is by far the most common zone defense that you will see.  This article discusses how to attack the 2-3 zone using our "zone-1" ("Zone-23" in the article)... read more.  
Youth teams might like this simple 2-3 zone offense.  
Also take a look at:
Anchors Zone Offense
Stanford Motion-Zone Offense

Attacking the 1-3-1 Zone Defense
There are a number of ways of attacking the 1-3-1 zone defense, but most success will come with attacking from the corner or short corner, and underneath the zone. Screening the low defender and back-screening the middle defender create opportunities as well.  Take a look at our "zone-2" or "Runner" offense, or the "Corners" (4-Out) zone offense ... read more.

1-2-2 (and 3-2) Zone Attack
Our "zone-2" (Runner") offense works very well against this zone.  We want to attack this zone from the corner, as this puts pressure on the low defenders... read more.

You can also use plays specifically designed for exploiting the weaknesses of zones.
2-3 Zone Offense Plays
4-Out Zone Offense & Plays

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Best wishes,
Dr. Jim Gels, aka "Coach Gels"
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