Newsletter #148

November 21, 2018


Today's Quote:  "We must be optimistic. No matter how devastating the previous day, we must be tremendously resilient and come back the next day with a plan to improve." - Dick Bennett

Today's Theme... Man-to-Man Defense

Man-to-Man Pressure Defense
Man-to-man defense enables us to get pressure on the ball at all times ("on-ball defense"), while still protecting the basket ("helpside defense").  Good man-to-man defense is a team defense, not just five individuals guarding their own man, but five players working together... read more

Trapping press

Man-to-Man Defense Breakdown Drills
This article presents a number of breakdown drills designed to teach the skills needed to execute good man-to-man defense.  Post defense, defending screens, and perimeter defense are discussed.... read more.

Shell Drill, Half-Court Live Drills
The Shell drill focuses on the basic concepts of "on-ball", "deny", and "help-side."  We start out teaching the basic rotations as the ball moves (perimeter passing, dribble-penetration, post entry, etc), and then eventually get into our very competitive drills... read more.

Basic Man-to-Man Defense
This article starts at the beginning and is an excellent article for youth coaches and all players... makes a very good player hand-out.  It discusses on-ball defense (stance, slides, close-outs), denial defense, helpside defense, help and recover, defending the low post, and trapping... read more.

Pack Line Defense
The packline defense is a sagging form of man-to-man defense that applies on-ball pressure while clogging dribble-penetration lanes the paint/post areas... read more.

Bob Kloppenburg's Half-Court SOS Pressure Defense
The SOS Pressure Defensive system is based on the concept of total disruption.  The defense is pro active and attacks the offense, forcing offensive players into uncomfortable positions on the court, where scoring is difficult.  Instead of the defense reacting to what the offense is doing, the offense finds themselves reacting more to the defense than vice-versa... read more.

Defending the Pick and Roll
There are various theories on how to best defend the pick and roll.  No matter which one you prefer, you must teach it and drill it so all of your players are on the same page.  This article discusses various ways to defend the pick and roll... read more.

Defensive Intensity - Charting Deflections
Defensive "deflections" are a largely unrecognized defensive statistic that coaches should pay a more attention to. Why?  Because deflections are an index of defensive intensity... a measure of how hard your team, and individual players, are playing on defense... read more.

Defending Without Fouling
It's important to b
e able to play tough defense without fouling... read more.


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