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Basketball Drills - Attacking the Defender - 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 Drills

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1-on-1 Drill

We use this 1-on-1 drill as both an offensive and defensive drill. This drill is great for offensive players working on their 1-on-1 moves - jab step, shot fake, dribble moves, etc. It is good for defenders to work on their on-ball defense.

The offensive player attacks the defender 1-on-1. Each player has a partner (opponent) that he/she goes against 1-on-1. Have post players paired up with post players, and guards paired up with guards. Each pair has a ball. Use both ends of the court.

The player with the ball starts at the top of the key and tries to make a move, or shoots the outside shot. The defender tries to stop the offense, boxes-out and rebounds. The offense gets a point for (1) each basket made, (2) for an offensive rebound and (3) if the defender fouls. No second shots are allowed. Each pair keeps track of their score. Play until each player gets five offensive possessions. At the end, the losers do 5-10 push-ups.

1-on-1 drill

Rotation (see arrows in the diagram)
After a pair has finished their duel, they get in line on the other end of the floor, but switch offense and defense for the next possession.

Perimeter Player Wing Series Drill

Coach Gregg Marshall - Skill Development Workout: Guards:

1-on-1 Drill #2

This drills works both offense and defense, ball-handling, dribbling, scoring, defense, conditioning and toughness. In diagram A, begin with offense-defense 1-on-1 starting on the sideline. The offensive player O1 tries to dribble around the defender to the opposite sideline in 5 seconds or less. Players must stay within the blue-line/half-court line area.

If O1 successfully reaches the opposite side within 5 seconds, then both players go to the second part of the drill. If the defender contains O1 within 5 seconds, the defense wins, the drill is done, and the next two players start.

1-on-1 drill #2 1-on-1 drill #2

If O1 reaches the sideline within 5 seconds, the second part of the drill starts (diagram B). X1 sprints to the rim and then closes-out out towards the top of the key. O1 speed dribbles around the cone at half-court, and then attacks the defender 1-on-1, making a dribble move and attempting to score. X1 tries to stop the move, blocks-out and rebounds, and the drill is finished.

Break your team into groups of 3, 4 or more players. You can score each set by either made baskets or defensive stops, or both. Losers either run or do push-ups.

2-on-1 Drill

This offensive drill helps players read the defense in a 2 on 1 situation, and helps them to learn when to take it to the hoop or pass off to their teammate.

Make two lines, one with perimeter players out at half court on the left sideline. The other line is made up of your post players, and is opposite along the right baseline. There is a token defender on the guards (a manager or assistant). One of your post players is the other defender in the paint area and will tries to stop the 2 on 1 break.

2-on-1 drill

The Drill:
Player #1 has the ball, makes a fake or jab step, and goes around the token defender. He/she dribbles toward the hoop, and attacks the 2-on-1 situation. The guard has to decide whether to take it to the hoop, or stop and pop a jumper, or pass off to his/her teammate.

He/she should try to get the defender to commit. If the defender comes up, he/she passes to the post player. The post player maintains proper spacing, ready for the pass and power lay-up. If the defender lays back, the guard should take it to the hoop. In this drill, discourage the outside jumper. The offense should try to get a lay-up (or a foul) every time.

The rotation is that #1 now starts a new line on the right sideline. #2 starts a new post line along the left baseline. Use the same defender until all the post players have been on offense, then use another post player as the defender.

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