Basketball Press Offense - Four Across Press Breaker

By Dr. James Gels, from the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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One way to attack the full-court press is with the 4-across setup. There are links to several other press offenses below.

Option #1

O3 fakes in and then cuts long. O2 and O4 set a double screen for O1. O1 runs the defender into the screen and cuts thru the lane to the opposite elbow and receives the inbounds pass. After screening, O2 slides down into the weak-side short corner as another inbounds pass option. O4 releases to the weak-side half court. After receiving the inbounds pass, O1 dribbles up the floor, looking to pass to either O3 or O4.

4-Across Press Breaker 4-Across Press Breaker

Option #2

O5 runs the baseline and the inbounds pass goes to O2. O2 passes to O1 or O4.

Option #3

O4 comes back to the top of the key to receive the inbounds pass. O4 looks for O2 and O1 cutting, or O3 long.

4-Across Press Breaker Options 4-Across Press Breaker Options 4-Across Press Breaker Options


This is a set play for when you only have a few seconds left on the clock. O1 cuts over the top of the double screen. As soon as O1 rubs shoulders with O4, O2 takes off on a "fly pattern" for the long pass from O5. O3 should be moving up the floor as well and could receive the pass from O2. O5 should make sure that he has a clear pass and is not blocked by being directly under the backboard.

Simplified Version of the 4-Across Press Breaker

Oftentimes simplicity is best. The above 4-across press breaker will require some practice time. Below is a simplified 4-across press breaker... (more)

Another Version of the 4-Across Press Break

In order to confuse the defense, here is yet another way of running the 4-across press break... (more)

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  • Simplified Version of the 4-Across Press Breaker
  • Another Version of the 4-Across Press Break

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