Basketball Play - "Demon"

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Coach Ken Sartini
Coach Sartini
Submitted a while back by late coach and friend Ken Sartini (aka "Coach Sar"), Arlington Hts, IL. Ken had a great impact on many young coaches and players, and sadly has passed on. His wisdom and wit are greatly missed by all who knew him.

Here's another play submitted by Coach Sar. As in any play, adjust the player positions on the floor to fit your personnel. If you have a talented big man who can jump and get above the rim, this play could result in an "alley-OOP", back-side dunk or lay-in.

See Diagram A.
O1 dribbles into the forecourt with O5 trailing. Meanwhile, O2 drives his/her man to the low block and O3 runs baseline off a screen from O4.

O1 passes back to O5. O2 comes up the lane and makes a hard cut out to the wing. It is important that O2's cut takes him/her above the free-throw line extended for a better passing angle for the eventual lob pass.

Demon play Demon play Demon play
See Diagram B.
O4 moves up to the ball-side elbow - free throw line area and will set a back-screen. O5 passes to O2, makes a V-cut and goes around O4's back-screen to the hoop (weak-side). After O5 clears the screen, O4 rolls off the screen down to the ball-side block (see Diagram C). O1 replaces O5.

Here are the options:
1. The high lob, back-door pass to O5. The pass goes above the rim to the backside of the hoop where O5 can jump and either dunk it, or lay it in. (This will take some practice between O2 and O5 to perfect the timing and trajectory of the pass).

2. O2 can pass to O4 posting on the block.

3. O2 passes to O3 in the corner.