Basketball Play - "Ohio"

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Coach Ken Sartini
Coach Sartini
Submitted a while back by late coach and friend Ken Sartini (aka "Coach Sar"), Arlington Hts, IL. Ken had a great impact on many young coaches and players, and sadly has passed on. His wisdom and wit are greatly missed by all who knew him.

This play works well if your point guard is receiving a lot of ball pressure out on top.

See Diagram A. O5 sets a high screen for O1, who dribbles to the right wing, free-throw line extended area.

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Meanwhile, O2 sets a diagonal screen for O4. O1 looks to pass to O4 for the quick lay-up. If unable to get the quick pass, then O4 will post up on the low block still looking for the pass from O1 (see Diagram B). O5 screens for O2, who comes off the screen looking for a three-pointer.

O5 has two options... either to move to the opposite low block, or step back toward the ball for the pass and short jump shot. This is a good option especially if his/her defender gives help on his last screen.

O1 has the option of passing to O4 on the low block, O5 at the elbow, O2 for a three-pointer, or a skip pass to O3 for a three-pointer. If nothing develops, you will end up in either a 3-out, 2-in set, or a 1-3-1 and you can run your standard motion from there.

O3 has to make sure that he/she is in a passing lane at all times for a skip pass and possible three-pointer. If O3 is a good outside shooter, he/she will like this role. Also O3 will act like a decoy and initially drive his/her defender low. Once O5 makes the last screen, then O3 flashes high. On the skip-pass to O3, O3 might pass to O5 posting up inside.