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Coach's Clipboard Playbook Contents

Player Development
Teaching Fundamentals
Footwork Fundamentals
Basic Offensive Tips
Cutting and Faking
Ball Handling
Finger Grabs
Pound the ball
Figure Eights
Control Dribble
Speed Dribble
Crossover Dribble
In and Out Dribble
Hesitation Dribble ("Rocker Move")
Behind the Back Dribble, Through the Legs Dribble
The Lost Art of Passing
The Basic Shots -- the Lay-up
Learning How to Shoot
Individual Shooting Work-Out
Coach Wissel's Shooting Series
Coaching Shooting
Shooting Mechanics
Confidence and Rhythm
Correcting Shooting Errors
Developing a Quick Release
3-Point Shooting, Rhythm and Range
Shooting Free-Throws
Shooting a Hook Shot
Basic Lead-Up ShootingDrills
Off the Dribble Shooting Drills
The Jump Shot
The Hook Shot
Outside (Perimeter) One-On-One Moves
Triple threat position
A few tips on the jab step...
Which foot becomes the pivot foot and which is
used for the jab step?
Three basic outside moves
Perimeter moves when a team-mate has the ball...
reading the defense.
How to Become a Good Point Guard
Court Balance, Passing, Half-Court Offense
Control the Tempo
Know the Game Situation
Leadership, Attitude
Skills Necessary to be a Good Point Guard
Inside (Post) Moves
Get Position
Low post moves
1. Drop step to baseline.
2. Drop step to lane (jump hook).
3. Turn and face defender and jab step.
4. Up and under move
5. Flash to the elbow or free throw line
6. Back door lob
7. Learn to read the defense.
Playing the High Post.
The Short Corner
Becoming a Good Free Throw Shooter
Moving Without the Ball
Setting Screens (Picks)
Important elements in executing an effective screen.
Types of Screens
1. Front screen
2. Back screen
3. Down screen
Escaping from a Trap
How to practice in the off season...
Defensive Tips
Basic Man Defense
Close-out on the ball receiver
On the Ball
Defending the Low Post
Trapping (setting the double-team)
Defensive Rebounding
Offensive Rebounding
The Student Athlete
When Individual Instruction Goes Too Far
Small Basketball Players
Playing AAU-Club Basketball
A Guide for Serious Basketball Players
Simple, Fun Driveway Games

Mental Aspects
How to make the team... Tryouts!
Things to think about...
Attitude, the "Right Stuff"
The Exceptional Player
Keys to Becoming a Great Player
The Role Player
Dealing with Lack of Playing Time

Developing a Coaching Philosophy
How to Build a Basketball Program
Coaching ... game strategy
Game plan
Game Tempo
Type of defense
When to press, or stop pressing
Using time-outs
Yelling at the players
Talking to officials
End of quarter strategy
Late game strategy
If you are ahead...
If you are behind...
If the game is tied and you have the ball...
If the game is tied and you are on defense...
Why Games Are Lost
Reducing Turnovers
Post Game Talks
Defensive Intensity - Charting Deflections
Teaching by Progression
Drill progression for teaching half-court offenses and plays
Drill progression for teaching press offenses
Drill progression for teaching half-court defense
Drill progression for teaching how to defend screens
Drill progression for teaching matchup press defense
Drill progression for developing your running game
The Assistant Coach
Keep an open mind and always be willing to learn
Understand your role
Positively interact with coaches, players, parents and fans
Specific tasks
PreSeason Checklist
Coaching in the Off-Season
Camps, clinics, re-evaluate, assess, learn something new, prepare for next season, enjoy time off!
Off-Season Basketball Workouts
Struggling Through a Losing Season
Planning Practices
First practice of season sample plan
Mid-season sample practice plan
Tournament-time sample practice plan
Creating a Master Practice Plan
Coaching Young Players
Coaching a young team.
Here are some articles that may help
Running a youth clinic
Running a Youth Basketball Clinic
Conditioning Drills
Pre-Season Tryouts
8th Grade Basketball Tryouts
Rules for Youth Basketball Games
Fundamental Precepts of Offensive Basketball
Basketball Coaching Do's and Don'ts
Managing Player Fatigue
Basketball In-Season Strength Training
Athletic Development - are we pushing our young athletes too fast?
What to Eat Before a Game or Practice
About Food Supplements...
The Recovery Snack - what to eat after a hard work-out

Parent-Player Relationship
Parent-Coach Relationships
Basketball Terminology
Basketball History
Scouting Forms
Half Court Diagram  USA
Full Court Diagram  USA
Half Court Diagram  International
Full Court Diagram  International

Half-Court Defense
Selecting Your Defense(s)
Man-to-Man Pressure Defense
PackLine Defense (Sagging Man-to-Man)
Bob Kloppenburg's SOS Pressure Defense
SOS Pressure Defense Overview
SOS Pressure Half-Court Defense
SOS Pressure Full-Court Defense
Rick Torbett's Dynamic Defense
Zone Defense
Advantages of zone defense
Disadvantages of zone defense
Basic pointers for all zone defenses
2-3 Half-Court Zone Defense
Coach Al Marshall's 2-3 Zone Defense
Circle Zone Defense
Buzz - Twilight Zone Defense
1-3-1 Half-Court Zone Defense
1-2-2 Half-Court Zone Defense
Zone Rebounding
Amoeba Defense
SWARM Defense
Point-Zone Defense
Match-up Zone Defense
1-3-1 Match-up Zone Defense
1-2-2 Viking Half Court Press
2-2-1 Half Court Press
Defending a team with a "star" player, "Junk" Defenses
Defensive adjustments against a "star"
1.  The "star" is the point guard.
2.  The "star" is a wing-forward player.
3.  The "star" is a low post player.
Junk Defenses
"Box and 1"
"1-3 and a chaser"
"3-1 and a chaser"
"Diamond and 1"
"Triangle and 2"
Triangle Defense - defending the perimeter star
Two Half-Court Defensive Strategies
Deny the Wing Pass?
Double Teaming the Low Post
Defending the Pick and Roll
Defending Without Fouling
Defense for the Last Few Seconds of the Game

Selecting Your Offense(s)
Basic Concepts of Motion Offense
Basic rules
Spacing and patience.
Players may dribble only:
Player Movement
After passing, players must do one of these:
Read the defense
Situations for Perimeter players:
Situations for post players:
Post players working together:
Bob Hurley: Motion Offense
Our Own 3-2 Mascot Motion Offense
Perimeter Play
Post Play
Starting the offense - off the break
Running the basic pattern
"Zipper"-Cuts and "Ice"-Cuts - Zipper-2, Zipper-3, Zipper Ice Dump
"Hammer" Series - Hammer-1, Hammer-1, Hammer-3, Hammer-12, Hammer-Special
3-2 Motion Offense Options
"1 UP"
Wing-Low Post Motion
Post-Post Motion
3-2 "Hi-Lo"
"Simple Post-Post Motion"
"High-2" & "High-3"
3-2 Motion Offense Plays
90 Series
2 Series
Arizona and Back
42 & 52
3-2 Motion Offense Plays (advanced)
Simple 3-2 Motion Plays (youth teams)
3-2 "Reverse"
Double Curl
Weave-Screen Plays
3-Out, 2-In "Options" Series
Open Post Double-Up Offense
Open Post High Offense  : Basic Motion
Post Entries for the Open Post (5-Out) Motion Offense
4-Out, 1-In Motion Offense
Reading screens
Rules for setting screens
Rules for coming off screens
4-1 Big Series
4-1 Topside & Counter
4-1 Flash
4-1 Slip
4-1 Swing
41 Fist
4-1 53
4-1 34
4-1 13 & 24
4-1 Black
4-1 14
4-1 52-Curl
4-1 Purdue
4-1 Penn
41 Zone Offense and Plays
50 Series
Read and React Offense
3-Out Read and React Offense
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense
Triangle Offense
High Low Triangle Offense
Attacking the Pack Line Defense
Slice Offense
Slice Offense Quick Hitters
Pete Carril's Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense
Princeton Offense Set Plays
Pick and Roll Offense
Fred Hoiberg Transition to Drag-Screen Action
UCLA High-Post Offense
Hubie Brown's Hawk Offense
Wisconsin Swing Offense
West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense
Michigan-Style 2-Guard Offense
2-3 High Patterned Offense
2-3 "Low" and "High" Offenses
Blocker Mover Offense
Horns (A-Set) Offense
Horns Plays
T-Game Triple-Post Offense
Grinnell Offensive System
2-1-2 Offense
1-3-1 Offense
Motion 1
Motion 2
Motion 3
Shuffle Offense
CMU Wheel Offense
Youth Swing Offense
Flex Offense
5-Out Open-Post Flex Offense
Thunder Offense
Zone Offense
Screening the Zone
Attacking the 2-3 (or 2-1-2) Zone Defense
"Zone 23", 2-3 zone offense
"Zone 23" using the 3-Out, 2-In Set
"Zone-I" using dribble-penetration
"Zone 23" using the 1-4 Set
Anchors Zone Offense
Delta Zone Offense
Dribble-Drive Zone Offense
Read and React Zone Offense
Kansas 2-3 Zone Offense
Kansas Zone Plays
Simple 2-3 Zone Attack
2-3 Zone Offense Plays
Stanford Motion-Zone Offense
3-2 Zone Offense
1-2-2 Zone Offense
Zone-2 offense
"Back" option
"Middle cut" option
"Back with skip pass" option
"Flex cut" option
4-Out Zone Offense
1-2-2 Zone Offense using the 1-3-1 Set
1-3-1 Zone Offense
Adapting the Zone-2 offense
Corners offense
Adapting the Zone-23 offense
"24" & "34"
"24-Wide" & "34-Wide"
4-Out Zone Offense and Plays
5-Out Zone Offense
Attacking Junk Defenses
Box and 1 Zone Offense
Triangle and 2 Zone Offense

Plays and Sets
Selecting a Few Plays
Play "23" (or "32")
Isolation "2"
Back-Door Play "Baseline 3"
West Coast 1-4 Stack Offense (20 plays!)
1-4 Stack Offense
45-High Post Pick and Roll
41-Post-Point Pick 'n Roll
G-town and Back
Raider 1-4 High Offense
1-4 Low Stack Plays
90 Series
Big Series
1 Series
2 Series
50 Series
Michigan State's Set/Plays (27 plays)
Princeton Offense Set Plays
High Pick and Roll Plays
Basic Set
Off the Break - "42"
Off the Break - "43"
Off the Break - "Fist"
Off the Break - "Wide"
Off the Break - "Up"
America's Play
3-2 Motion Offense Plays (advanced)
Simple 3-2 Motion Plays (youth teams)
3-2 "Reverse"
Double Curl
4-Corners, Delay Offense
Spread-Delay Offense
2-3 Zone Offense Plays
Kansas Zone Plays
Opening Tip-Off Play
3-on-3 Plays

Out-of-Bounds Plays
Sideline Out-Of-Bounds Plays
Box 1
Box 2
"Box" Out-of-bounds Plays
Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 54
Box-wide 2
"Stack" Out-of-bounds Plays
Stack 1
Stack 2 (Double Stack)
Stack 3
Stack 4
Stack 5
Stack Opposite
"4-Low" Out-of-bounds Plays
"Spread" or "Flat"
Out-of-Bounds Plays Vs the 2-3 Zone
23 Stack
23 Box
More Good Out-of-Bounds Plays
"Wheel" (and "Back")
"3-Down" (and "Back")
"Utah-1" and "Utah-2"
Full-Court Buzzer Beaters
"Hail Mary"
Half-Court Buzzer Beaters
Last Second Situations

Full-Court Defense and Presses
Selecting Your Press Defenses
Transition Defense
Preventing the fast break
Defending the paint area.
Full-Court Press Defense
Some basic principles apply to all presses.
Gapping (zone press)
Types of full court presses
Man-to-Man Press
SOS Pressure Full-Court Defense
Zone Presses
Match-up Press Defenses
"Cut & double", "run & jump", "run & double"
Press rules and numbering
80 Press Alignments - 1-Up, 2-Up, 3-Up, 4-Up, "Staggered"
Deny presses - 81 and 61
41 Trap
88 full court man-to-man press
Run-and-Jump Press Defense
Trapping with a Trailer Defender
Full-Court Pressure Defense
"41 Deny"
2-2-1 Zone Press
2-2-1 Zone Press Variations
2-Up Zone Press
2-2-1 "Deny" Defense
3-1-1 Zone Press
1-2-1-1 Zone Press  "Diamond Press"
Coach Sar's 1-2-2 Zone Presses

Press Breakers, Full-Court Offense
Selecting Your Press Offense(s)
Transition Offense
Transition Offensive Concepts
Running the primary fast break
Secondary Break, Transition Offense
After the opponent scores
After a rebound
Coach Sar's Secondary Break
Numbered Secondary Break
3-Up Secondary Break
Attacking the Full Court Press
80-60-40 Press Offense
3-Up Press Breaker
Beating the 1-2-1-1 Full Court Press
1-2-1-1 Press Breaker
Attacking the Full-Court Man-to-Man Press
Four Across Press Breaker
Simplified Version of the 4-Across Press Breaker
Another Version of the 4-Across Press Break
Half-Court Press Breakers

Defense 1-on-1 Drill
Defense Cut and Pressure Drill
Defense Speed-Dribble at Run With Drill
Defense Z-Drill
Defense Close-Out Drills
Close-Out Drill
Skip-Pass Close-Out Drill
Villanova Drill
Yow Drill
Defense Shell Drill
Man-to-Man Defense Breakdown Drills
Breakdown Drills for Teaching the 2-3 Zone Defense
1-on-1 Drills from Coach Costa
Man-to-Man Positioning Drill
Deny, Corner Trap Drill
Match-up Press Drills
Take The Charge Defensive Drill
3-on-3 Defensive Drill
Learning the Jump Stop
Footwork Drills
4-Corners Footwork Drill
Pick Drills
Drills for Teaching Motion Offense
Dribble-Drive Motion Offense Drills
Drive and Kick Drills
2-3 Zone Offense Breakdown Drills
Memphis Breakdown Drills
1-on-1, 2-on-1 Drills
Transition Offensive Drills
Rebound and outlet pass
Filling the Lanes
Finishing the break
2-on-1, 3-on-2 Drills
More Transition Offensive Drills
Fred Hoiberg's Speed Drill
Piston Full-Court Offense-Defense Drill
Pitch 'n Fire Full-Court Drill
Rebound-Outlet-Break Drill
Pepper-Runner Drill
Fast Break Drills
5-on-0, 5-Trips Drill
3-on-2, 3-on-3 Transition Drills
4-on-4 Transition
4-on-4-on-4 Transition
5-on-4 Transition Scramble Drill
2-on-1 Transition Drill
Michigan State Progressive Transition Drill
The Rebound-Outlet-Break Drill
11-Man Drill (Full Court)
7-Man Half Court Drill
Low Post Offensive Drills
Post Moves Drills
Rebound-Outlet-Repost Drill
2-on-2 Drill
Single Person Drills
Mikan Drill
Roll and Retrieve, Power Lay-up Drill
Three Person Drills
Drop Step Drill
Jump Hook to the Lane Drill
Turn and Shoot Drill
Power Shot Drill
Step-Hop Drill
LowPost Power Drill
Short-Corner Post Drills
Open Post Full-Court Drill
Special Situation Drills
Basic Dribbling Drills
Dribbling Eights
Up and Downs
Circle Dribbles
Crossover Dribbles
V-Dribble in Front
2-Ball Dribbling Drills
Tight Chairs Dribbling Drill
Sideline Dribbling Drills
Sideline Moves Drill
Full Court Dribbling Drills
Variation #1, Hesitation Move.
Variation #2, Finish the Lay-up Against Pressure.
Dribbling Moves Drill
Dribble Tag Ball Handling Drill
Team Shooting Drills
Guard Breakdown Shooting Drills
2 Man Shooting Drills
Drill #1,  Catch and Shoot.
Drill #2, Ball Fake and Shoot Jumper.
Drill #3, Fake and Drive for the Lay-up.
Drill #4, Anything Goes!
Drill #5, Elbow Shooting.
Pairs-Shooting Drill
Close-out Shooting Drill
2 on 1 Drill
3 Man 2 Ball Shooting Drill
Lay-up Drills
2-Line Lay-up Drill
3-Line Lay-up Drill
2-Minute Drill
Free Throw Shooting Drills
Fast Break Passing Drills
2-on-2 chase
Weave Passing Drills
3-Man Full-Court Weave
3-Man Full-Court Weave with 3-Point Shot Option
5 Man Full-Court Weave and Transition Drill
3-Man Half-Court Weave and Shooting/Close-Out Drill
More Full-Court Passing Drills
Laker Drill
Pairs Full-Court Dribble-Pass Drill
Half-Court Passing Drills
Bennett Drill
Rapid Fire Passing Drills
Partner Passing
"Monkey in the Middle"
Triangle Passing Drill
3-on-3 Drive and Dish Drill
Pairs Passing, Find the Receiver
Press Break Passing Drill
Circle Box-Out Drill
Rebounding Box-Out Drill
Rebounding 2 Man Drill
3-Man Rebounding, PowerUp Drill
War Drill
Hustle Drills
How to Condition for Basketball
Off-Season Basketball Workouts
Ganon Baker's Drills
Tim Springer's Drills
Guard Workout
Spartan Guard Skills Workout
Spartan Skills Drills
Shooting Guard Workout
Forward Scoring Workout
Post Player Workout
Spartan Gun Shooting Drills
Team 3-Point Shooting Drills
College Point-Guard Workout
Lebron James Scoring Workout
Tony Parker Scoring Series
Kevin Durant Scoring Workout
Derrick Rose Scoring Workout
Tim Duncan Scoring Series
Manu Ginobli Scoring Series
George Hill Scoring Series
Kyrie Irving Scoring Workout
Defensive Rotations into Transition Drills
Spartan Performance Training Drills
Becky Hammon Floppy to Pick and Roll Drill
Competitive Tennis Ball Speed and Agility Drills
Basketball Performance Training Drills