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Floppy Screen and Plays

By Dr. James Gels, From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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First, let's discuss the basketball term "floppy". A floppy is simply a screen set for a perimeter player near the baseline, usually used to get your best shooter(s) open. Diagram 1 shows that two-screeners are near the right block (and just above) so as to set a staggered screen. On the left side of lane is another screener. Our shooter O2 begins right under the basket and cuts either right or left around the screen for the pass from O1 and a possible shot. That basically is the "floppy" action.

floppy action

Floppy Elbow - "Floppy-1"

With a "floppy-elbow" play, O2 always cuts around the double staggered screen to the arc (diagram 2) and could get the pass for a shot. After O2 cuts, O3 cuts around the opposite screen to the opposite arc for a possible pass and shot (diagram 3).

floppy elbow action floppy elbow action - O3 cut

If neither is open, O5 cuts up to a spot just outside the elbow and gets the pass from O1 (diagram 4). As O5 receives the pass, O2 quickly back-cuts and sometimes will be open for a layup. If not, O2 cuts out to the opposite corner.

Next O1 runs a "pinch-post" off O5 (diagram 5), and could get the hand-off. But if not, O1 goes to the corner. Meanwhile, O3 down-screens for O4.

floppy elbow action - O5 pass floppy elbow action pinch post

O5 takes a dribble to the middle (diagram 6), and O4 cuts around O5 for a hand-off. O4 might shoot, dribble-drive or pull up for a floater in the lane. O3 back-screens for O5 (diagram 7), and O5 cuts and could be open for a pass from O4, and a layup.

floppy high post floppy elbow back-screen

See this Floppy-Elbow video from BBallBreakdown:
floppy elbow video

Floppy Pick and Roll - "Floppy-2" and "Floppy-3"

These two plays start with floppy screens for O2 and O3, followed by a pick and roll action.

"Floppy-2" - O2 gets the ball-screen, pick and roll.
"Floppy-3" - O3 gets the ball-screen, pick and roll.

In either play, O2 has the option of cutting either way around the floppy screens. In "floppy-2", if O2 cuts around O4, O4 sets the ball-screen. If O2 cuts around O5 (diagram 2), O5 ball-screens and runs the pick and roll with O2 (diagram 8). The pick and roll options are shown: O2 drives or shoots, or passes to O5 rolling inside, or has a kick-out pass to O3 on the opposite wing.

floppy-2 cut floppy-2 pick and roll

In either play (floppy-2 or floppy-3), O3 cuts the opposite of O2 to the opposite wing (diagram 3). In "floppy-3", the ball-side post ball-screens for O3 for the pick and roll action (diagram 9), with the same pick and roll options as above.

floppy 3-cut floppy-3 pick and roll

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