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Basketball Play - "Shocker"

From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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This play has been used by former Wichita State University ("Shockers") coach Gregg Marshall. It starts with a double stack, and uses a UCLA screen, a shuffle screen/cut, a double-staggered downscreen, and a back-cut option.

Diagram 1 shows a low double stack set. O3 cuts out and must get open for the pass from O1. O5 moves up above the elbow and sets a UCLA back-screen for O1. O1 makes the UCLA cut (diagram 2) and might be open for a layup. But if not open, O1 stays low inside.

After O1's cut, O5 seals his defender, extends his outside arm as a passing target and O3 passes to O5's extended outside hand (diagram 3). O5 then pivots and faces his defender.

shocker play shocker play - ucla cut shocker play - reversal

As soon as the pass leaves O3's hands, O2 cuts out to the right wing, and O4 sprints over to set a shuffle screen for O3. O5 passes to O2, as O3 shuffle cuts (diagram 4) looking for the pass from O2.

After the O3 shuffle cut, O4 and O5 turn, facing O1 to set a double staggered downscreen (diagram 5). O1 cuts around the screens for the pass from O2 and a shot.

shocker play - shuffle cut shocker play - staggered downscreens shocker play - backcut option

Back-cut option: If the X2 defender denies the pass from O5 to O2 (diagram 6), O2 back-cuts for the pass from O5.

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