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Basketball Plays - Simple 3-2 Motion Offense Plays

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First read "Motion Offense". Here are a few simple plays to run off the 3-2 motion offense. Youth teams will find these helpful. At the bottom of this page, there are several links that contain many more plays that can be run from the 3-2 offense.


This simple pick and roll play between O5 and O3 is difficult to defend. See the diagrams below. O1 passes to O3. Meanwhile O5 slides up to the ballside elbow and then back-screens for O3. O3 dribbles around the top of the screen and O5 seals and rolls to the hoop. If defense fails to switch, O3 should get the lay-up. If the defense switches, O5 will usually get open for the pass and lay-up, or at least will have a "big-little" mismatch in the post.

Notice that we have also cleared out our other players to weakside in hopes of taking their defenders away. O1 screens for O2 to make X1 and X2 think that something is going on over there. O2 stays a little to the right and does not come all the way up to the top (point). O4 moves out to the short corner. You can run this play to the right side too and call it "42".

basketball play 53 basketball play 53


This is a back-screen play designed to get the back-cutter open for a lay-up.

Diagram A. O1 passes to O2. Meanwhile O5 screens for O4, who sets a screen for the opposite wing O3. After setting the screen, O5 flashes to the high post for the pass from O2.

Diagram B. O3 back-cuts for the pass from O5. Optionally, O5 can shoot, drive, or pass to O2 (now in the corner), or across to O4.

basketball play 43 basketball play 43

"Double Curl"

The curl cut can be difficult to defend at times. Here O1 passes to O2. Meanwhile O4 moves to the opposite elbow to act as a screener. O5 curls around O4 and looks for pass from O2 (and clears back to his original short corner if he doesn't get the pass). After O5 cuts, O3 delays and curls around O4's screen looking for the pass from O2 (and clears to the opposite corner). Then O4 delays, seals, and cuts into the paint for the pass from O2.

Motion offense play, double curl


A simple play for youth teams... (more)


A simple but effective play, we run this out of the 3-out, 2-in set, but you could also run it from the 4-Out set... (more)

"3-2 Reverse"

Do you have a good post player who can score in the low block, but he/she is not getting the ball often enough. Are you having difficulty getting the pass from the point guard to the wing? This simple play should help both... (more)

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