The 50-Series - Basketball Plays Using a Post Screener

By Dr. James Gels, From the Coach’s Clipboard Basketball Playbook
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When we have a good, strong low post player (O5), we will get him/her involved as a screener. After screening, our "big" O5 can often get open either by rolling off the screen, or sealing a smaller defender inside. Here are four simple, but effective, plays using this concept.

We use a 4-out set which gives us good spacing and room inside to play... not only for our cutters and dribble-penetration, but also room for our "big" O5 to post up. These plays also help you get a good screen for any one of the other four players. You could run these basic plays at any level, including youth teams. This is simple, basic basketball which oftentimes is the best stuff, if players are taught how to execute.

  • "51" - O5 screens for O1
  • "52" - O5 screens for O2
  • "53" - O5 screens for O3
  • "54" - O5 screens for O4


This play is a simple pick and roll play for O1... but we'll use O5 twice, instead of just once, as oftentimes the initial pick is well-defended. See diagram A. O5 comes up top to ball-screen for O1, to run the pick and roll play. Meanwhile, O4 down-screens for O3, just to occupy their defenders. O2 is in the right corner for a possible kick-out pass and 3-point shot.

O1 dribbles around O5's screen looking to get to the hoop. If the screen is switched or well-defended, O5 simply turns-around and re-screens for O1, and they run the pick and roll around to the right now (diagram B). This second time is often effective. We have O5 rolling to the hoop for a pass, and O2 in the right corner for a 3-point shot.

basketball play 51 basketball play 51 basketball play 51

Diagram B2 shows our "51-2 option". We start the pick and roll, but O1 pulls back and passes to O2 who has cut up top (almost to the lane line). O5 slips the screen, cuts to the hoop, seals the defender and posts-up. O2 makes the quick pass to O5 for the post move and score.


This simple play gets O2 open for a shot. In diagram C, O1 passes to O4, and O4 passes back to O1. O2 starts low inside under O5. O2 rubs off O5's screen and curls for a pass from O1, and a jump-shot in the lane. If the defense switches, and the pass to O2 is not there, O2 clears to the opposite side, and we have an iso for O5 with the smaller X2 defender. O5 seals the X2 defender, gets the quick pass from O1, and makes a post moves and scores.

basketball play 52 basketball play 52

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