Sherri Coale's Shooting Drills

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Oklahoma Coach Sherri Coale
Former Oklahoma Coach Sherri Coale

Oklahoma Head Women's Coach Sherri Coale has developed a very successful program with back-to-back NCAA Final Four appearances (2009-2010); 2002 NCAA Runners-up; 10x Big 12 Championship Coach; Head Coach for the Women's 2013 USA World University Games (Gold Medal).

Here are several videos of her favorite shooting drills using the Shoot-A-Way Gun. The Shoot-A-Way gun is a great tool, but if you don't have a Gun, you can still do these drills using assistants or managers to make the passes.

Warm-up Close-Out Shooting Drill

Shot-Fake, Pull-up Jump Shots with Close-Outs

Shooting on the Move

Catching on the Move, Shot-Fake, Pull-up Jump Shot

Random Shots

Flare-Screen Shooting

Baseline Drift Shooting

Catch and Shoot and Dribble-Penetrate and Pass

Gun Shootaway Shooting Drills:

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