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Sarah Daren
Sarah Daren

Coaches can help athletes score in the classroom by pointing them toward the latest online learning resources.

The relationship between coaches and athletes is an important bond. Coaches contribute to athletes' success in sports, school and life.

In the United States, analysts forecast that the business of sports will generate $73.5 billion. The potential to land a lucrative sports career, coupled with the desire to win, can create overwhelming pressure for athletes, coaches and parents.

Coaches can help to relieve some of that pressure by directing athletes who need help in the classroom toward online tools. Digital learning resources can help them become just as successful in the classroom as they are in the field or on the court.

The Importance of the Coach-Student Connection

The sway of a coach's influence affects not only individual players but also the entire team. Coaches can use their relationship with players to encourage them to do well in school.

Any coach wants what's best for their athletes or players. In part, this means addressing problems that team members may have outside of sporting activities.

The short-term goal for athletics is to win sporting events. However, the long-term goal of the activity is to learn how to win in life.

The lure of a high profile sports career can distract athletes from their studies. As a result, coaches play a critical role in tempering players dreams with the need to work on Plan B - their education.

Coaches have a lot of influence over athletes. By knowing about the latest useful learning tools available, you can direct your student-athletes to authoritative resources.

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The following are five online resources that can help athletes do better in class.

1. The Purdue Owl Writing Lab

The Purdue Owl Writing Lab is a free online resource full of informative material. Students, teachers and other organizations around the world use the site every day. The writing lab offers lessons for students of all skill levels.

The university encourages students and teachers to take advantage of the resource. Purdue also partners with community literacy initiatives across the nation.

2. Online Tools That Help Athletes to Focus

Udemy offers online resources that can help athletes learn to focus on and reach their academic goals. The classes help athletes develop effective study habits and build self-discipline. They also help students learn the difference between busy work and productivity.

Udemy's courses teach students how to avoid distractions and manage multiple responsibilities. For athletes that are overwhelmed by the combined pressures of school and sports, the courses are an excellent start for learning how to maintain balance.

3. StudyBlue

The StudyBlue website offers a focused and easy to navigate platform. StudyBlue is on a mission to empower today's learners with digital study tools.

The site offers digital flashcards similar to premium offerings. However, the tool is free for users.

Coaches can also point teachers to the site. The StudyBlue website allows teachers to set up flashcards for their students, enabling educators to develop customized study aids.

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4. Resources to Improve Athletes' Study Skills

Udemy online study courses can help athletes develop into successful students. The site's study skills courses teach valuable lessons - such as how to balance academics with other responsibilities. The resource offers lessons that teach students how to make tangible improvements in their studies.

Athletes can also take online courses that will show them how to make the most of digital learning resources. Students can also use the site to discover the best study methods for learning new concepts without wearing themselves out. The site also offers courses that can teach athletes the best techniques for test-taking.

5. Online Tools for Learning a New Language

For athletes who are learning another tongue, Duolingo is a trailblazer in online language offerings. The company uses gamification to make learning a new language fun. Each month, more than 20 million students use their smartphone or computer to access the Duolingo website.

According to company representatives, Duolingo's core mission is to become the world's top source for learning a language. Duolingo promises that their platform will remain free forever. The site is another resource that educators can use to create customized instruction.

You can help athletes achieve a new level of excellence and professionalism by exposing them to advanced online learning tools. Moreover, you can help your team develop into well-rounded individuals. By encouraging athletes to take advantage of online tools that will help them excel in the classroom, you can instill knowledge that will empower them to succeed.

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