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Sarah Daren
Sarah Daren

The world of sports is constantly changing, and it is not just the advent of new athletes, teams, and coaches that does it. Like every other institute of the modern age, the world of sports is subject to an endless number of variables-especially because of the way that technology constantly changes the way that we live.

Today we will be examining some of these variables and applying them to identify four of the top trends that you can expect to see in 2018.

Increased Use of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is developing at a pretty rapid pace. That being the case it should be no surprise that we can expect to see it enjoy an increased use in the context of sports in the coming years. That being the case it really should be no surprise that virtual reality technology is already being embraced by sports of all variety.

It is being used to train quarterback and umpires to create life like simulations designed to prepare them for real life situations. Not only that but it is also being used to create interactive content for fans.

Without a doubt you can also expect to see a big impact in the world of sports related video games as virtual reality continues to improve.

There are also more important utilities that can be yielded by virtual reality technology. For example, doctors can now use software that tracks eye movement in a virtual reality environment to determine whether or not athletes are suffering from concussions.

And keep in mind that this is still a new technology. Virtual reality tech is expected to only further impact the world of sports as it continues to develop.

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London Football Exchange

Cryptocurrency is also poised to make a big splash in the world of sports. For those that do not know what cryptocurrency is, it is basically a form of digital currency that allows people to make anonymous, safe transactions online without needing to implement a third party.

The London Football Exchange is a prime example of cryptocurrency getting applied to the world of sports. In this case through the London Football Exchange fans can make investments in their favorite clubs using "coin," that makes the process a little bit more accessible than it ever has been before.

For fans of football (soccer) this is certainly an exciting development but there is also a degree of risk involved. Cryptocurrency remains a largely unregulated industry which means that it is not uncommon for people to lose their investments in it.

Still, as this burgeoning method of ecommerce continues to develop it will be exciting to see the impact that it has on other sports.

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Rise of eSports

For some, video games will never be considered a sport. While gaming certainly does not consist of the traditional components that constitute a sport it is nevertheless very rapidly finding its place on the global stage.

eSports, a term that refers to professional video gaming, is a new phenomenon that is quickly proving to be a bankable phenomenon. Millions tune in to watching gaming tournaments stream online, and these events have even begun filling stadiums.

Traditional advertisers are beginning to notice the popularity of professional video games, which has led to lucrative sponsorships from companies like Audi, Coca Cola, and Gillette. As attention to this new category of sport continues to grow, expect that eSports will enjoy even more prominence in the years to come.

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Continual Crack-Down on Performance Enhancing Substances

Finally, there is the matter of performance enhancing substances to consider. While steroid, and other chemical abuse has been a prominent issue in the world of sports since the late 60's, it appears that tolerance for this behavior is at an all time low.

In December of 2017 it was announced that Russia was banned from the 2018 Olympics due to the nation's history of violating "doping laws."

While athletes from Russia that could prove they were clean were still welcome to compete that verdict nevertheless demonstrated a global intolerance towards substance abuse in sports.

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