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Sports Lovers Should Think About a Degree in Sports Journalism - by Sarah Daren

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Sarah Daren is a featured writer on the Today Show website and has been a consultant for organizations across a number of industries including athletics, health and wellness, technology and education. When she's not caring for her children or watching the New York Yankees play, Sarah enjoys practicing yoga and reading a good book on the beach.

Sarah Daren
Sarah Daren

As we enter a new world in which the concept of work/life balance is taking on more significance, more and more individuals are looking for careers that align with their interests. Pursuing a career that one enjoys can ultimately cause one to experience more life satisfaction and less stress.

For those who enjoy sports, a career in sports journalism can be the perfect way to make a living in a space that one loves. Sports journalism is an exciting field that offers one the chance to develop their ability to write and craft compelling content while also being deeply immersed in the world of sports and sports entertainment. Those interested in pursuing an exciting and fulfilling career in sports journalism can benefit from exploring sports journalism colleges that offer courses and degree programs that explore relevant topics.

Those contemplating pursuing a degree in sports journalism can benefit from an understanding of what a sports journalism program entails along with what one can expect to learn by the time that they finish.

What to Expect in a Sports Journalism Program

Those interested in pursuing a career in sports journalism are probably wondering what they should expect in a sports journalism program. Having a general idea of the topics involved in a program like this can make the prospect of taking the leap and pursuing a fulfilling career less daunting.

Communicating Sports-Related Concepts and Nuances

Those who decide to enroll in a sports journalism program can expect to learn how to communicate various sports-related topics in a clear and concise manner to audiences. As a sports journalist, it will be one's job to explain confusing or specific concepts to audiences in a way that is easily digestible and easy to understand. As such, sports journalism programs will instill one with the skills necessary to do this effectively and consistently.

In addition to communicating ideas about specific or confusing topics, sports journalists will also learn how to communicate to audiences effectively and empathetically about touchier and more controversial topics such as race and gender. As a sports journalist, one will have to be able to communicate difficult ideas in ways that are sensitive to people's feelings and ideas, and a sports journalism program can help one develop the skills to do so.

Working in a Digital World

As everyone is aware, today's world is becoming increasingly digital in many different areas of life. When it comes to sports, the case is no different. Sports journalists now must regularly engage in new digital mediums such as social media, podcasts, and web series. Sports journalism programs will help students develop a familiarity with these various digital platforms and an understanding of how to utilize them effectively.

sports journalist at work

Whereas traditional sports journalism was communicated through either print or television, the internet has given rise to a number of new ways for audiences to find information about sports.

As such, sports journalists will need to have a deep understanding of what types of content works on various platforms to keep audiences coming back. A sports journalism program can provide students with the skills necessary to excel as a sports journalist on these various platforms.

Knowing Best Journalistic Practices

Though being a sports journalist means that one gets to be steeped in the world of sports, it also means that one has to be an effective journalist. Becoming an outstanding journalist takes having a thorough understanding of best journalistic practices and how to implement them effectively. A sports journalism program can provide one with the knowledge necessary to do so.

Journalistic practices are important to any journalist who wants to be taken seriously. As such, aspiring sports journalists will need to learn the skills necessary to be a good journalist to communicate ideas about sports effectively. Sports journalism programs will help students develop their voice as a journalist and improve their ability to produce good journalistic content.

Understanding How to Conduct Interviews

Conducting interviews can be an important part of any journalist's job. The same is true for sports journalists, who can expect to be conducting interviews with athletes, coaches, managers, and other individuals involved in the sports industry.

As such, sports journalists will need to have the skills to be able to conduct interviews at a high-level. A sports journalism program can provide one with the training necessary to conduct compelling and informative interviews.

sports interview

Though many may feel that interviewing is easy and can come naturally, to conduct interviews effectively one will have to have a developed understanding human nature and how interact with others. In addition to these skills, sports journalists will have to have a thorough understanding of interviewing practices specific to the sports industry. This being the case, aspiring sports journalist can learn this specialized interview-related knowledge through a sports journalism program.

Pursuing a Fulfilling Career

Pursuing a career that one enjoys can have a huge impact on one's level of life satisfaction. Rather than settling for a lackluster job that is solely taken for the purpose of making money, sports lovers can pursue their passions by becoming sports journalists. As sports journalists, one will be able to live a life in which they feel excited to get out of bed and go to work each and every day.

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