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Accessible Ways to Use Your Experience as an Athlete to Motivate and Inspire Others - by Sarah Daren

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Sarah Daren is a featured writer on the Today Show website and has been a consultant for organizations across a number of industries including athletics, health and wellness, technology and education. When she's not caring for her children or watching the New York Yankees play, Sarah enjoys practicing yoga and reading a good book on the beach.

Sarah Daren
Sarah Daren

As an athlete, you've had a range of unique and valuable experiences that can benefit your approach to life in many ways. However, the insights you've gleaned as an athlete aren't just valuable to your own philosophy.

You can significantly benefit the lives of others by sharing your experiences as an athlete and the lessons you've learned. Though it can be daunting to know where to start, having some inspiration can make the process far more approachable.

Here are accessible ways to use your experience as an athlete to motivate and inspire others.

Start a Podcast

From unique memories to profound insights, your time as an athlete has probably left you with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. However, knowing how to share these insights with the masses isn't always simple.

Fortunately, starting a podcast is an effective and accessible way to do just that. Essentially, podcasts are audio recordings that audiences can download and listen to whenever they want. By making a podcast, you have a chance to showcase your stories and lessons in any way you choose.

In addition, you can virtually record one for free. Some key equipment you'll want to use will include a decent microphone and an audio editing program. With these in tow, you can start sharing your wisdom and growing a loyal and established audience.

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Teach or Coach

As you probably experienced during your time as an athlete, the role of teachers, mentors, and coaches is incredibly valuable. By showing others ways they can push themselves and improve, they often inspire and instill in their students the drive to succeed.

If you're intent on recreating this meaningful relationship, you can step into the role of a teacher or a coach. This gives you a chance to apply your unique experiences and wisdom to the journeys of other athletes looking to thrive.

Whether it's at a local school, a training facility, or a brand headquarters, teaching and coaching give you a chance to share your knowledge with others in meaningful ways.

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Become a Public Speaker

One important aspect of many athlete's careers is their familiarity with the importance of mindsets and setting goals. For those outside of sports, these things can be extremely valuable in helping people achieve their goals and find success.

By becoming a public speaker, you can use your experiences as an athlete to help others improve their lives in a myriad of ways. And while this may seem like a lofty and intimidating goal at first, the truth is it's more accessible than you think.

Whether it's at schools, community centers, or public events, you'll surely find audiences willing to let you speak and hone your skills. As you gain more experience and become more comfortable speaking publicly, you'll surely find exciting new opportunities that allow you to share your wisdom with bigger audiences.

You Can Make an Impact on Others with Your Insights

As an athlete, you've had many experiences that have taught you valuable and meaningful lessons. By communicating these insights to others, you have a chance to make a beneficial impact on the lives of others. This being the case, give one of these accessible avenues a shot and start making an impact on the lives of those around you.

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